This Porsche 992 Stinger GTR Limited Carbon Edition Is Sweet As Chocolate

Russian luxury auto tuner Top Car Design has unveiled its latest Porsche 992-series 911 sports car. Yes, it's a brown car. But look closer, and you'll find the Stinger GTR Limited Carbon Edition is unlike any 911 from the factory.

This example is wearing a complete chocolate-brown body kit in exposed carbon fiber. According to Top Car Design, the Stinger GTR Limited Carbon Edition body kit consists of 84 details made of four layers of carbon fiber. We never thought we'd say this, but we won't mind driving around in a brown car if it looks as exotic and sensual as this.

The kit includes a new hood with a fancy wind spoiler, fender vents galore, ribbed sections on the side sills, and an aggressive rear wing. Meanwhile, the back engine cover gets bespoke louvers to give it an old-school vibe. Of course, it also has a unique rear diffuser with trapezoidal cutouts for an all-new exhaust system.

However, there's a visual surprise lurking under the front hood. Raising the bonnet reveals a bespoke interior panel with a brown carbon pattern that mimics burled walnut wood or desert camouflage. The brown theme continues in the cabin with exposed carbon fiber and chocolate-colored accents on the seats and dashboard.

As expected, all this intricate detailing comes at a cost. Top Car Design currently lists its Porsche 992 Stinger GTR Limited Cardon Edition body kit at €100,000 or roughly $113,000. Fancy an Akrapovic titanium exhaust with black tips? That's another €6,500 ($7,400). How about those gorgeous set of forged wheels? That's another $9,000. If you don't like brown, Top Car will apply a layer of color for an additional €25,000 ($28,000).

The options list goes on and on, and so does the price. And yes, pricing does not include a new Porsche 911, which starts at $101,000 for a base 911 Carrera to $174,000 for a 911 Turbo. But then again, Top Car Design is only making 13 copies of its Stinger GTR body kit, so you're typically paying for the exclusivity of having the sweetest 911 on the block.