Triumph Begins Real-World Testing Of Its First-Ever TE-1 Electric Sportbike

It's no secret Legendary British motorcycle manufacturer Triumph is working on its first-ever all-electric sports bike, the TE-1. Triumph formed a partnership with Williams Advanced Engineering back in 2019 to fast-track the process, and the result is a TE-1 prototype unveiled last spring.

Now, Triumph has a working prototype of the TE-1, and it looks just as salivating as the renders it unveiled the previous year. In addition, the prototype is entering stage four of testing, the last hurdle to overcome before commercial production begins, presumably near the end of 2022 or early 2023.

Triumph claims stage four consists of complete live testing and track testing to refine the bike's power/torque output, software functionality, range/battery consumption, handling, braking, and energy regeneration, among other things. "It has been truly exciting to see the progress made during phase 3 of Project Triumph TE 1 with the final prototype motorcycle now going into real-life testing," said Nick Bloor, Triumph CEO.

Live Testing Program

The live testing program could take over six months. After completing the final testing phase, Triumph will update the prototype with production-intent body panels, paint, and livery before presenting the final product. "Everyone involved at Triumph are proud to have been part of this innovative British collaboration," added Bloor.

The driving force behind the creation and development of the TE-1 is to build a genuinely British electric motorcycle. The prototype has a 360-volt architecture and a 15 kWh battery pack. We're still awaiting the final specs, but we're sure the TE-1 will soldier on with a battery, vehicle control unit, and battery management system developed in conjunction with Williams Advanced Engineering (WAE).

The battery feeds electrons to an electric motor developed by UK-based e-drive expert Integral Powertrain Ltd. The motor pairs with a silicon-carbide inverter, all in a compact housing that tips the scales at no more than 22 pounds (10 kg). Triumph claims a peak output of around 180 horsepower. Still, a little bird told us the Williams battery could muster up to 228 horsepower while replenishing from zero to 80-percent charge in under 20 minutes.

The final design

We also think the design will remain untouched, given style is one of the most compelling aspects of the TE-1. That single-sided swingarm and semi-naked body were inherited from the Triumph Speed and Speed Triple. At the same time, essential hardware like Ohlins suspension and Brembo monobloc calipers fortifies the TE-1's high-performance intent.

You bet we'll be hearing more about the all-new Triumph TE-1 in the coming months. The competitors are not resting on their laurels, either, but we're excited to see the production model very soon. "We look forward to continuing the ambitious and innovative work on the TE-1 demonstrator prototype through the live testing phase and sharing the outcome with Triumph fans across the world," concluded Bloor.