5 Of The Best iPhone 15 And Apple Watch Deals Available Right Now

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2023's Apple Event led to the reveal (or confirmation of ongoing rumors, in some cases) of the next iteration of iPhone, as well as more Apple Watch devices. With everything going up for sale on Friday, September 22, 2023 (preorders for the Apple Watch are open now, with the iPhone 15 following suit on Friday, September 15), you might feel like you don't have a lot of time to get ready or decide which version of what you want to get. 

Then there's the cost to consider, with starting prices from between $249 and $899, depending on which models you're looking at. However, the thing about MSRP when it comes to electronics — particularly of the cellular variety — is that carriers and retailers often provide their own deals and discounts. 

Signing up for a multi-year exclusive contract, or trading in older hardware, often brings the price down to a number that won't leave quite as much of an impact on your bank account. That is, assuming you know where to look, and understand and accept the various terms and conditions. Here are some of the more affordable deals you'll find on various iPhone 15 models, a new Apple Watch Series 9, and the Apple Watch Ultra 2.

Deals on the iPhone 15

How much you can expect to pay for an iPhone 15 depends on the model and how much internal storage you're looking for. However, if you'd prefer to save a bit of cash:

  • Qualifying trade-ins with Apple will net you between $40 and $650 (depending on the model, year, and condition) to go towards a new iPhone 15 or 15 Plus — offered both online and in-store.
  • T-Mobile will knock up to $650 off of the purchase of any iPhone 15 model with an accepted trade, as long as you're a Magenta Max member. However, that plan — which does include basic service alongside several other benefits — does cost $170 per month.
  • Boost Infinite has a simpler solution; a single plan offering talk and text along with up to $1000 off a new iPhone 15, priced at $60 per month (possibly more if the iPhone 15 you select is more than $1000).
  • If you use Verizon's Unlimited Ultimate plan ($100+ per month) and are adding a new line, you can also trade-in an older device to get up to $1000 off of a new iPhone 15 (any model).
  • AT&T has its own exchange program as well, offering up to $830 off of an iPhone 15 Plus with an eligible trade-in and equally eligible $75+ per month Unlimited plan.

Always make sure to read the fine print to avoid surprises on your bill or speed bumps with trade-ins.

Apple Watch Series 9 savings

Deals on either the Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 are similar to what you'll find for the iPhone 15, but the numbers are a bit lower, as the smartwatches aren't priced quite as high as the smartphones.

  • Apple has its regular trade-in plan for both the Apple Watch Ultra 2 and various versions of the Series 9, offering anywhere from $60 to $380 off your smartwatch purchase depending on the model and condition of your trade-in.
  • Best Buy also has its own trade-in offers for the Series 9 and the Ultra 2, with the exchange of a qualifying device netting you up to $200 to go towards your purchase.
  • AT&T is taking more of a buy-one-get-one approach, where you can take $300 off a new Apple Watch when you buy another one with it. The catch being you still have to pay full retail price and taxes on both watches, add at least one new line to your current plan, and the $300 savings is actually bill credit that goes towards the purchase of the second watch.

With the Apple Watch Series 9 priced at $399 (GPS only) and $499 (GPS with cellular), and the Apple Watch Ultra 2 set at $799, that potential $60 to $380 could make a pretty sizable dent. However, much of it depends on whether or not you have an older device in good condition to give up in exchange.