5 Of The Best Lightning To USB-C Adapters

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With the launch of the iPhone 15 series, Apple is well on the way of making its Lightning connector obsolete. The first iPhones shipped with Apple's bulky 30-pin connector, which the brand replaced with the lighter, slimmer Lightning port in 2012. For years, Apple stuck to Lightning as other phone brands switched from proprietary connectors to micro-USB — and then, finally, USB-C. Most smartphones these days ship with a USB-C port, as do plenty of other gadgets, including laptops, tablets, cameras, and wireless headphones.

Apple has included USB-C on its MacBooks and iPads for years, but held out on making the transition for iPhone until recent European regulations forced its hand. As a result, millions of iPhone users are now stuck with Lightning cables and accessories that will serve no purpose in the future.

While there are plenty of USB-C cables and headphones on the market, if you want to make use of your existing Lightning accessories when you upgrade to iPhone 15, you will need an adapter. Some adapters let you charge and transfer data, while others are only meant for audio. We've shortlisted the best options across price ranges, so you can choose one depending on your requirements and budget.

Apple USB-C to Lightning Adapter

After the iPhone 15 series launch, Apple unveiled its proprietary USB-C to Lightning adapter — and predictably, it doesn't come cheap. Priced at $29, it's among the most expensive Lightning adapters out there. The adapter lets you connect Lightning accessories to a USB-C iPhone or iPad, and supports charging, data transfers, and audio. You can also connect it to your car, with Apple claiming it works with most cars that have CarPlay.

Apple's adapter comes with a braided cable that should make it more durable than its flimsy rubber-encased ones. However, given its high price, you're probably better off purchasing a USB-C cable from a reputable brand like Anker. A good USB-C cable often costs under $10, and will save you money and the hassle of lugging around an extra adapter. 

If you still want to hold on to your Lightning accessories though, Apple's adapter is among the best you can buy, provided you don't mind the high price.

Anker USB-C to Lightning audio adapter

If you're looking for an audio adapter for Lightning headphones, Anker has you covered with its USB-C to Lightning audio adapter. The adapter works with iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, and Windows laptops, letting you use a single pair of wired Lightning earphones across all your devices. While the adapter doesn't support charging or data transfers, the microphone and inline remote on your headphones will continue to work with this device.

Anker says that the adapter has been built to withstand 12,000 bends, making it a durable option. Additionally, it's an MFi certified product, which means you can use it with any Apple device. The only downside to this adapter is its price: at $20.99, it's a bit more expensive than Apple's new USB-C EarPods, which cost $19. Unless you really love your Lightning headphones, you're better off buying USB-C wired headphones from Apple or a third-party manufacturer.

Kefiany USB-C to Lightning charging adapter

The Kefiany USB-C to Lightning adapter is a great option if you're on a budget — available in a pack of three for just $6.55. It doesn't come with a cable; instead, you get a compact one-piece adapter with a USB-C plug on one end, and a Lightning port on the other. It's only meant for charging and transferring data, and doesn't support audio, so you can't use it with wired Lightning headphones. It doesn't work as an Apple Pencil adapter either.

Given its small size, the Kefiany adapter is easy to carry around in your wallet or bag. You can leave your Lightning charging cable plugged into this adapter and use it to charge your iPhone. Additionally, you can use it to connect your iPhone to your laptop to transfer or sync data at up to 30Mbps speeds, while simultaneously charging your phone. The shell is made of an aluminum alloy that's resistant to scratches and rust, and the product comes with a 12-month warranty.

Arktek USB-C to Lightning charging adapter

A great option if you're on a budget, the Arktek USB-C to Lightning charging adapter is priced at $9.99 for a pack of four. This MFi high-quality adapter can be used to charge USB-C devices with a Lightning cable, but does not support audio, video, or data output. It can be used with up to 5V 2A chargers and supports a charging current of 5V 1.5A, which means you can use it with a 5W or 10W charger, but not fast chargers.

While this adapter can be used to charge an iPhone, Arktek does not recommend using it to charge an iPad, given that the charging speeds are slow. The adapter features a compact design, measuring just 1.18 inches in length. Since it's a one-piece compact adapter, you can leave it plugged into your Lightning cable. The adapter features an aluminum casing with a brushed metal design, and Arktek says its heat resistant, too.

UGREEN USB-C to Lightning audio adapter

This UGREEN USB-C to Lightning audio adapter is MFi certified, and as the name suggests, is an adapter that lets you connect Lightning headphones to USB-C devices. The adapter is compatible with a variety of devices, including iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, Android smartphones, and Windows laptops. While this audio adapter doesn't come cheap at its price of $24.99, it's among the best options if you want to continue using your Lightning headphones.

You can plug your Lightning headphones into this adapter to listen to music, make calls, and adjust volume via inline controls. The adapter features an inbuilt DAC chip that supports high-resolution 48KHz/24-bit transmission, so you can listen to lossless audio.

The adapter is pretty durable thanks to its aluminum alloy casing and braided cable. UGREEN claims it's been made to withstand 15,000 bends and over 10,000 insertions and withdrawals, so you shouldn't have to worry about the cable snapping. In addition, it features a reinforced connector that prevents the cable from fraying.