iPhone 15 Finally Gets USB-C For Charging And Data

Apple fans who are planning to upgrade to the new iPhone 15 will have the long-awaited feature of being able to use a USB-C charger on their mobile phone. During the recent Apple event, the company announced that with the switch to USB-C, users who own a variety of Apple products — may it be an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or the updated second-generation AirPods Pro, to name a few — will now be able to use the same charging cable across all their devices. In a pinch, you can even connect your AirPods or Apple Watch that's low on battery to your iPhone 15 via the USB-C connector to charge on the go.

On top of being able to charge via a USB-C cable, the iPhone 15 lineup is also MagSafe-compatible. MagSafe chargers and other MagSafe accessories like phone cases and wallets can be securely connected to the mobile device, along with any Qi2 chargers that may be released in the future. This move comes years after Apple's initial switch to USB-C with the 12-inch MacBook in 2015 and then with the 2018 iPad Pro.

Why is the iPhone 15's transition to USB-C connectivity important?

In general, USB-C is highly regarded as the preferred charging port type for most smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, mostly due to its ability to produce higher data transfer rates. With the iPhone 15 finally joining the throng of USB-C-compatible gadgets, Apple users can now experience a more seamless syncing between compatible devices and be able to quickly transfer media and other files to and from their iPhones through a wired connection.

It's also worth noting that compared to Apple's standard Lightning charger which can accommodate 12 watts or 2.4-amp power transfers, certain USB-C cables can provide substantially more, such as the 240W cable sold by Apple for $29. Moreover, if you happen to own other devices outside the Apple ecosystem that support USB-C connectivity, you should also be able to use their charging cables on your new iPhone 15.

Apart from the newly announced iPhone 15, the Apple EarPods — the company's wired earphones — will also be getting the USB-C upgrade, which is great news for people who want to splurge on the new iPhone 15 but want to keep using the classic earphones.