Apple Just Low-Key Released USB-C Earbuds For Less Than $20

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Apple products tend to be on the higher end of the price spectrum. A simple adapter or accessory can cost three or four times the price of a generic version. So it may be surprising that Apple has released a set of headphones, designed to work with the upcoming iPhone 15, at what is a relatively low-end price point. You can currently grab a set of USB-C EarPods for less than $20.

For your money, you get a set of earbuds that are "geometrically designed" to comfortably fit your inner ear. The speakers, which have been "engineered to optimize sound output" offer "deep, rich bass tones" and "high-quality audio," according to Apple. A remote, which can control playback, volume, and song choice, is built into one of the wires. The headphones can be used for calls. They are also resistant to sweat and other less disgusting liquids.

While wireless models like the AirPods have been the way for many headphone manufacturers in recent years, using a wired setup still has its benefits. You don't have to worry about battery life, you can dangle the headphones from your collar when they aren't being used, and it's far harder to lose wired headphones. If all of this sounds familiar so far, that's because it is.

We've seen these before

Apple has released similar wired earbuds in the past. So similar in fact that the only difference is the USB-C connector at the end of the earbuds' wire. Previous EarPods versions either featured a traditional 3.5mm headphone jack or a Lightning adapter after Apple decided that the headphone jack was obsolete and removed it from all of its devices.

Although you won't find a headphone jack on any iPhone released after the 6S and the Lightning port won't feature on the new iPhone 15, you can still buy wired earbuds featuring those connectors from the Apple store. Simply select the connector you want in the drop-down menu. Both of the alternatives are also priced at $19, so if you have an older device and enjoy Apple's earbud designs, you don't have to miss out.

Alternatively, if you want to keep a set of lightning adapter-based headphones going with the iPhone 15, Apple has a USB-C to Lightning adapter available for $29. That is $10 more than just buying a new set of headphones and about $27 more than just buying a generic version from Amazon.