5 Of The Best Snap-On Toolboxes For Your Garage

Founded over a century ago, Snap-On is one of the biggest names in tools, manufacturing, and selling professional-grade products for mechanics and engineers across diverse sectors like aviation, automotive, marine, and railroad. While many of the company's tools may be too niche or expensive for casual DIY-ers working in their homes, Snap-On also makes high-quality products for tool storage.

Even if you don't own any Snap-On tools, you can store what you do have in a Snap-On tool container that will keep them secure, without you having to worry about the wear-and-tear that inferior toolboxes can sustain over time. Snap-On's range of tool storage products varies as greatly as its tools catalog does and includes everything from simple drawer liners to heavy-duty utility vehicles that weigh over a thousand pounds and cost more than many new cars. You may not have the need or the space in your garage for some of Snap-On's larger tool storage offerings, but there are several different types of toolboxes that have a more reasonable price. Here are some of the best Snap-On toolboxes you can buy for your garage.

Blue-Point Metal Box

Snap-On's simple metal toolbox is one of the lowest-priced tool storage items the company sells. As such, don't expect it to hold too much, but it will have room for a basic set of tools you probably keep in the garage. It has two drawers and is 18.5" x 8.5" x 9.5" in size, weighing 12.5 pounds when empty. Besides being relatively durable, which is the case for most Snap–On products, the metal box doesn't have much in the way of features. However, it does have a locking lid.

The biggest downside for this toolbox is that it's part of Snap-On's Blue-Point brand. Blue-Point products are generally simpler and cheaper but also not quite the same quality as other Snap-On products, especially when it comes to aesthetics. They are also manufactured around the world, as opposed to Snap-On's prime products, which are made in the U.S. Despite this, it's still a sturdy toolbox that will keep your items safe, secure, and free of dust. The Blue-Point Metal Box has product code KRW182B and is available from Snap-On for $153.60. It comes in one color: red.

Large Nine Drawer Wheeled Dog Box

Snap-On makes several different-sized wheeled dog boxes. If you need something in your garage that can fit a relatively big tool collection, the large nine-drawer-wheeled dog box is a great choice. The biggest advantage to Snap-On's dog box is its steel hand-tow handle, which, when combined with the fact that it's wheeled, makes it a cinch to transport tools across your garage, around the car, or to a second location. They're particularly useful for aviation mechanics who need to haul their tools across the tarmac. Its rubber wheels provide a smooth ride that maximizes shock absorption and minimizes the jostling and clanging of the tools inside. Plus, the wheels can be locked to stop the dog box from rolling away.

When closed, the hinged cover can lock and keep the tools inside secure. Also, the front lid can fold up under the top lid and create a flat work surface while also retaining access to the drawers, essentially making it a portable workstation. The dog box also has handles to lift and remove it from the chassis for stationary storage or to place it on a roll cab. Unfortunately, there's no carrying handle on the top, however. Like several other types of toolboxes made by Snap-On (though not all), the Large Nine-Drawer Wheeled Dog Box only comes in red. It has the product code KRDB269 and is available from Snap-On for $1,696.25.

All Weather Tool Chest

Snap-On makes a line of quality all-weather tool chests that you can use in wet, hazardous environments, or to keep outside on the flatbed of your truck or in your yard. Since it's water-resistant up to one meter, it's also a great toolbox to keep in your garage if it's prone to flooding. It's built with durable, shock-resistant material, and can be used as a seat when its flat lid is closed. The seven-drawer model weighs 60 pounds and can hold 150 pounds of tools, with an internal size of 21.2" x 11.9" x 15.4" — or 4,130 cubic inches.

The chest has heavy-duty butterfly hinges and an auto-pressure equalization valve. With a telescoping trolley handle and large hand-holds on its sides, the chest is easy to move around. The storage drawers inside are perhaps the best feature of Snap-On's all-weather unit. The configurable drawers fully extend and are interchangeable with other types of toolboxes, if you want to swap out tools from a stationary toolbox to the waterproof chest. If your tools rarely leave your garage and don't need weatherproof protection, you may want to opt for a more traditional metal toolbox. But if Snap-On's All Weather Tool Chest has everything you need, you can purchase one in black, tan, green, or orange. The seven-drawer orange model has product code KMC18043POR and costs $948.05.

Cantilever-style Metal Box

If you're looking for a very straightforward toolbox, but prefer cantilevered drawers, Snap-On makes a no-frills option which is exactly that. When you open it, the five storage trays inside will automatically fold out, giving you easy access to each. There aren't any drawers that could get wedged shut or hidden compartments where you might put tools or important screws that you end up completely forgetting about. The trays can't be removed from the toolbox, so you'll need to keep the whole thing nearby if you're working with the tools inside. You'll also need to be smart about which tools you place where because if the top trays are too heavy, you risk tipping the entire box over.

Though it's a very simple design, the Cantilever-style Metal Box is part of Snap-On's primary high-quality brand, unlike some inferior Blue-Point toolboxes. It's sturdily built and is 22" x 8" x 9" in size, and holds 1,444 cubic inches inside. It has the product code UT22K and only comes in red — you can purchase it from Snap-On for $220.50.

Five-Drawer Double-Wide Bench

In addition to traditional toolboxes, Snap-On makes several lockers and other larger storage solutions that would fit right in at body shops, hangars, and other commercial workspaces. For example, there's the 144" 26-Drawer Five Bank EPIQ Series Roll Cab with PowerDrawer, which has a load capacity of 16,000 pounds and costs $35,995. Tool storage units this size may be too big for most residential garages, though if you've got the room (and the money), there's nothing wrong with outfitting your workspace with one.

If you're looking for a larger-size tool chest that isn't quite as massive and expensive as those options, Snap-On's Five-Drawer Double-Wide Bench is a happy medium. It's five feet wide and 29 inches deep and mounted on an 11-gauge pallet jack base. Its five ball-bearing drawer slides are smooth and reliable, and each one comes with a label on its trim, allowing you to easily organize and keep track of your tools.

Snap-On's double-wide bench is also gorgeous to look at. It comes in red, gloss black, arctic silver, or a particularly striking royal blue finish. One drawback is its high cost. While it may be $25,000 cheaper than Snap-On's largest options, the double-wide bench's $8,705 price tag is still a significant amount for many people. But if you have plenty of large tools that need elegant storage space, you can purchase the Five-Drawer Double-Wide Bench — which has the product code KSDB051AA — directly from Snap-On.