T-Mobile's New 5G Android Tablet Is Cheap, But You Can Get It For Free, Too

Today, T-Mobile unveiled its newest line of Android products in an addition to the existing REVVL series. This new lineup includes two new smartphones, the REVVL 6x 5G and REVVL 6x PRO 5G, as well as a new budget-minded tablet, the REVVLTAB 5G.

"Our REVVL 6 series saw major success — consistently landing in our top five best-selling affordable 5G smartphones — so we're building on that success and expanding the line further to launch the REVVL TAB 5G," said Omar Tazi, T-Mobile's Executive VP & Chief Product Officer, in the launch press release

"We're laser-focused on giving customers the best value, alongside the best network to ensure they get the best, no-compromise experience — and the new budget-friendly 5G REVVL lineup helps continue to do just that, making 5G affordable for every pocket."

As Tazi says, the new devices are intended to be a sensible budget option for those who want a 5G device, but don't want to break the bank over it. The REVVL 6x 5G and REVVL TAB 5G both retail for $199.99 USD, while the REVVL 6x PRO 5G is set at $229.99. If that's still a bit steep for you, though, then good news, T-Mobile is offering ways to get the devices for free.

How to get free REVVL devices

T-Mobile is offering several launch promotions to get you the devices themselves for free, provided consumers open up a new recurring mobile contract with them. Those interested can get the devices with a standalone monthly T-Mobile contract. The REVVL TAB 5G comes with an $8.34 per month contract, the REVVL 6x 5G with a $6.70 per month contract, and the REVVL 6x PRO 5G with an $8.75 per month contract.

If you're specifically looking for a REVVL TAB 5G, T-Mobile will give you one for free if you open up a two-year, monthly paid tablet line, plus applicable tax. For the REVVL 6x 5G and REVVL 6x PRO 5G, you can get either smartphone for free by opening a two-year line on select mobile plans, including Go5G Plus, Go5G Business Plus, and Business Unlimited Select.

Finally, and most interestingly, T-Mobile will give you a free REVVL 6x 5G if you trade in your current mobile device along with a two-year contract on any mobile plan. No matter what make and model your current device is or what condition it's in, they'll take it. You can also get a REVVL 6x PRO 5G in this manner with a $50 fee.