10 Of The Best Power Banks For Android And iPhone

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For better or worse, staying connected through smartphones is becoming more and more of a necessity. With the aid of Apple and Android devices, people have the world at their fingertips in a way like never before. However, as the technology powering these devices continues to become more and more advanced, the need for portable batteries and power banks also continues to grow. Thanks to technology like charging pads and fast charging, charging your phone has never been as seamless as it is now, but when it comes to your phone's battery, you can never be too prepared.

Portable charging banks are nothing new. In fact, the power bank's origins date back almost 15 years, though they have never been as sophisticated as they are now. These days, an effective power bank could have a litany of features that not only lend to charging phones faster but make for a satisfactory user experience.

Heavy smartphone users will want to consider factors like power capacity, size, wattage, the ability to charge multiple devices, and other features before investing in a quality power bank. However, those in the market for a power bank are in luck, as there is no shortage of quality options available at the moment. Determining the right power bank for you will ultimately come down to your needs as a consumer.

Here are 10 of the best power banks for Android and iPhone devices.

Anker 737

Anker specializes in charging technology and stands out as a global leader for the speeds at which its products charge, not only iPhones and Android products but also tablets and laptops. One of the company's most popular products is the Anker 737, and for good reason. The power bank comes with a 24,000mAh battery capacity that can provide up to 4.9 charges for the iPhone 13 and 4.5 charges for the Samsung Galaxy S22.

The Anker 737 comes packed with just about every feature the consumer could ask for, except for the ability to charge wirelessly. The power bank contains two USB-C ports and an additional port to charge devices connected via USB-A. The battery also contains a power button capable of toggling on and off a smart digital display on the front of the power bank. The display contains all pertinent battery information, such as wattage in and out and the percentage remaining on the battery. The display is also bright, colorful, and easy to read.

If there is one downside to this battery, it might be its density, as it weighs in at a healthy 22.22 ounces. The Anker 737 is currently retailing for $159.99 on the company's official website, though consumers looking for a deal should keep an eye on this battery, which was available for under $100 for Amazon Prime Day this year.

Anker 733

The Anker name is reliable in the power bank community, and as such, consumers might want to consider other products from the company if the Anker 737 is not right for them. The Anker 733 does many similar things to the 737 but also has a few other distinct features that may give it an edge in the eyes of some. Like the 737, the Anker 733 comes with two USB-C ports and one USB-A port.

But while the 737 is simply a battery-powered power bank and nothing more, the 733 is a 2-in-1, doubling as a wall charger at 65W. The battery's capacity, however, stands at 10,000mAh, less than half of the 737's capacity. That means it offers 2.1 charges for the iPhone 13 and 2 charges for the Samsung Galaxy S22.

As it offers half the capacity, the 733 weighs half as much as the 737 does, coming in at 11.29 ounces. As a result, it may be the preferable battery to take on the go, given its lightweight and simple form factor. The Anker 733 power bank can currently be purchased for $99.99 on Anker's official website. It may not be as ideal as the 737 for long trips, but those in a pinch can use the 733, knowing they have the flexibility to plug it into a wall if necessary.

Anker 533 Wireless Power Bank (PowerCore 10K)

Another Anker power bank you might want to consider is the 533 Wireless Power Bank (PowerCore 10K). The 533 Wireless is arguably the most straightforward of Anker's offerings and, thus, the cheapest at $64.99. What separates this power bank from other Anker products, however, is its ability to charge phones wirelessly. Smartphones sit comfortably on the power bank's pad, providing a standard charge of up to 10W. Fast charging is also an option with the 533 Wireless, providing a charge of up to 18W with fast charging enabled.

The power bank has a capacity of 10,000mAh, putting it on par with the Anker 733. Whereas the 733 lets you charge out of a wall, the 533 Wireless leans on its wireless capabilities to enhance convenience.

The slim nature of the 533 Wireless means it can rest comfortably in your hand just as easily as it can rest comfortably on your desktop while getting a full charge. The power bank's desktop mode will allow you to charge your device wirelessly while the power bank simultaneously charges through its USB-C port. The power bank also contains a USB-A port and comes with a travel pouch. While it is one of the cheapest batteries in Anker's catalog for what it offers, it can be had even cheaper, as the company frequently offers a $25 off coupon code for the device.

Nimble CHAMP Pro Portable Charger

Nimble is a company that produces charging solutions of all kinds, all of which are environmentally friendly. Those in search of a power bank that puts green initiatives first should look no further. The Nimble CHAMP's shell is housed in 72.5 percent consumer plastic, which, according to Nimble, can reduce the total carbon footprint by 7.51 pounds compared to other portable charging alternatives. The rugged nature of the device gives it an edge over some of its competitors, as it should be safe from most drops and falls. Even the packaging is environmentally friendly. Every portable charger comes in a recycled plastic bag, and the packaging of the box is made from biodegradable, recycled paper.

While there are plenty of options for plenty of different consumers, the "Pro" version of the Nimble CHAMP stands out for its impressive specs. The power bank has a 20,000 mAh battery capacity to go with a max output of 60W. The battery capacity puts it on par with the Anker 737, but Nimble's offering is significantly more compact and weighs roughly nine ounces less at 13.2 ounces. It can also charge up to two devices at once, with USB-C and USB-A ports on opposite sides of the power bank. The CHAMP Pro Portable Charger typically retails on Nimble's website for $124.95 but is frequently on sale for just under $100.

myCharge Hub 4400

myCharge is a portable power bank manufacturer that prioritizes unique features that help set it apart from competitors. The myCharge Hub 4400 is perhaps the most well-rounded of the company's offerings, offering consumers a solid option for a portable power bank, given its specs. The bank has a capacity of 6700mAh or 10050mAh, depending on what version of the device you opt for. Like the Anker 733, the myCharge Hub 4400 can be plugged into the wall but is also unique in that it comes with an integrated Apple lightning cable and an integrated USB-C cable, eliminating the need for third-party charging cables.

The cables fit seamlessly into the side of the charging hub, where they can be stored and hidden without the need to carry any additional cables. However, due to the integrated nature of the charging cables, multi-device charging will only work if the user has an iPhone and another device that charges using USB-C. The compact nature of the hub is also a major plus, as it weighs just under 11 ounces and has a width of just under an inch. As such, it will fit comfortably in your hand and the side pocket of most commuter bags. The myCharge Hub 4400 can currently be purchased on the myCharge website for $89.99.

Zendure SuperTank S5

Those looking for a little more potency out of their external power bank might want to consider the Zendure SuperTank S5 as an option for their portable power needs. Zendure, like many manufacturers of the top power banks on the market, specializes in portable power devices and has the goal of creating a more sustainable future. The SuperTank S5 has a capacity of 24,000mAh, putting it on par with the Anker 737. It also matches up with the 737 due to its number of ports: two USB-C and one USB-A. The ports can have a combined power of up to 205W, causing the device to be able to fast charge up to three devices at once. Given its specs, the SuperTank 5 can lend 3.1 charges to the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

What the SuperTank S5 lacks in a smart display screen, it makes up for in its form factor. The power bank comes in at under 20 ounces, weighing 19.2, to be exact. It is also notable for coming packed with a lithium polymer battery, which tends to be lighter, safer, and more explosion resistant than other types of batteries with the same capacity. The SuperTank S5 prioritizes safety, and the powerful nature of the battery also makes it an option for charging laptops in addition to smartphones. The SuperTank S5 is currently on sale for $129.99 on the Zendure website.

Goal Zero Venture 75

The Venture 75 from Goal Zero takes powerful power banks another step forward, adding a rugged outer shell to give it a unique look and feel while providing ample protection from the elements. As a result, the Venture 75 is perhaps the ideal power bank for those who spend more time outdoors than the average person. It is also great for camping trips where power may be hard to come by. The power bank has dual USB ports, one for USB-C and one for USB-A, and has the power and capacity (19,200mAh) for most smartphones up to five times.

From an aesthetics standpoint, this power bank boasts a unique design, featuring a rubber sleeve and waterproof plug to give the ports ample protection as needed. The Venture 75 can also double as an emergency flashlight in a pinch, with 50 integrated lumens that can light up dark hallways and trails. The unique features of this power bank do not stop there, however. The Venture 75 can also utilize solar power to accrue a full charge in roughly six hours with the proper accessories, though charging via USB-C is still possible.

Weighing just over 20 ounces, the Venture 75 is not light by any means but makes good on its promise to the customer as a legitimate option for people who love the outdoors. The Goal Zero Venture 75 can currently be purchased on the Goal Zero website for $119.95, with financing options available.

Spigen ArcHybrid Mag

It does not get much easier than being able to plug a phone into a power bank and have it start charging immediately. However, the ArcHybrid Portable Wireless Charger, or ArcHybrid Mag from Spigen, somehow simplifies this process as a magnetic battery. Spigen specializes in accessories and power banks for all types of devices, with each product receiving specific attention for what they bring to the table. The ArcHybrid Mag is magnetic by nature and can easily snap on and off the back of most smartphones — iPhone and Android phones included. The magnetic hold stabilizes the battery on the back of the phone and can only be removed by the human hand. A non-slip rubber coating also helps defend the battery from drops.

With a 7.5W charging speed, the Spigen ArcHybrid Mag is 50% faster than most magnetic power banks, which helps make up for an otherwise pedestrian 5,000mAh. However, those who opt for a magnetic power bank likely are not doing so for longevity as much as they are for convenience. With this power bank attached to your phone, you can easily wirelessly charge your phone from your pocket. Additionally, the power bank's pass-through technology will also allow you to charge the bank as the bank is charging your phone, making for fewer interruptions. The ArcHybrid Portable Wireless Charger can currently be purchased on the ArcHybrid website for $69.99.

Mophie Powerstation XXL

As far as portable power banks go, the Mophie Powerstation XXL is big but does the job well for its price point while providing the consumer plenty of longevity for their money. It is, after all, in the name, so those looking for a power bank should look elsewhere if they are looking for something small and compact. This power bank boasts a 20,000mAh, which will allow up to 4.6 full charges of most smartphones.

It also has an 18W delivery output, making it an optimal power bank for fast charging. The device itself can be recharged through the USB-C port, though while most devices feature multiple USB-C ports, this power bank actually features multiple USB-A ports with a USB-C port resting in between them. However, it is still possible to charge up to three devices at once.

The Mophie Powerstation XXL may not have a smart display screen or a built-in flashlight, but it does have an integrated power meter that lights up with the corresponding number of lights to update its current battery life status. Lastly, this power bank's finish is only partly metallic. Most of its surface area is coated in fabric, a great material for preventing marks and scratches.

The Mophie Powerstation XXL can be purchased on Amazon at full price for $59.99 but is frequently listed on sale for as low as $34.90. Given the price, Mophie's Powerstation XXL could be an ideal first power bank for many consumers, particularly if they own several devices powered by chargers that connect to USB-A.

Otterbox Fast Charge

The Otterbox brand initially became known for its premium smartphone cases, which use a hard protective shell to keep iPhone and Android phones safe from all degrees of impact. Nowadays, the company makes a variety of different products, specializing in power solutions in addition to smartphone cases and other protective shells. Otterbox's "Fast Charge" line of power banks comes in three different capacity sizes: 10,000mAh, 15,000mAh, and 20,000mAh.

It also features 18W output of both USB-C and USB-A ports while retaining the signature look and feel of Otterbox products without the bulk, though opting for a larger capacity will also increase the girth of the device. The Fast Charge power bank weighs just under 8.5 ounces, but anyone who picks this power bank up can rest easy knowing it will be safe from drops and hard contact.

Like most power banks, the Otterbox Fast Charge allows users to charge multiple devices out of both ports. An LED power indicator displays the device's current charging status and battery life. Otterbox's three variations of the Fast Charge power bank can be purchased on the Otterbox website for $34.95, $44.95, and $55.95, respectively. Those looking to pick up an Otter Box power bank should buy the variation that best fits their needs, though all three provide good bang for your buck.