8 Best Portable Chargers For Laptops

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If you're always on the go or work somewhere where outlet space isn't readily available, a good portable laptop charger is essential. Modern laptop battery life is better than ever, but if you're doing particularly demanding tasks or you simply have a power-hungry laptop, chances are you'll need to top up while you're out and about. There are many different types of portable chargers, and not all of them will necessarily work with your laptop, so it's important to pick carefully.

For example, while many laptops now offer USB-C charging, some still require an AC outlet. If your laptop is particularly powerful, it's also best to check that any charger or power bank you buy can supply enough power, as some won't provide enough juice. Once you know what you need, then take a look at these top eight portable chargers. They'll have you covered in almost any situation, from compact desk chargers to outdoors-ready portable power stations.

Anker 737 (PowerCore III Elite 26K)

Anker is one of the best-known names in the portable charging space, and this compact power bank proves why. It packs a 25,600 mAh capacity and can deliver up to 60W of power through the USB-C port, or 18W through the two USB-A ports. It's capable of providing high-speed charging to a wide variety of laptops, from the MacBook Pro 13" to the Dell XPS 13 and Microsoft Surface Book.

The choice of ports means that you're also able to charge smaller devices like smartphones, wireless earbuds, or smartwatches at their maximum charging capacity. When the Anker runs out of juice, the 65W fast-charging cable can refill the battery in as little as two and a half hours. So it packs plenty of power, yet it's still small enough to fit easily into your bag. It measures 7.22 x 3.24 x 0.94 inches, making it a great option to slip into a work bag or take with you if you're packing light for a trip. It's far from the cheapest power bank out there, retailing for $129.99. However, with its large capacity and impressive fast-charging capabilities, it's well worth the money if you frequently work outside the office.

Goal Zero Sherpa 100AC

The recently-unveiled Goal Zero Sherpa 100AC is aimed at frequent flyers and road warriors, as it packs the largest capacity possible to still be approved for air travel (25,600 mAh). It's a heavy hitter in terms of output, too, with up to 100W available from the primary USB-C port, and 60W from the secondary port. In addition, there are two USB-A ports that can supply up to 12W and a Qi wireless charging pad on the top which delivers up to 15W. In case your laptop doesn't support USB-C charging, there's also a 110V AC output.

It's worth noting, however, that Apple's smartphones will only support up to 7.5W from third-party wireless chargers, so iPhone owners will be at a disadvantage here. Still, if you're a fan of the Apple ecosystem, the Sherpa 100AC is still well worth considering, since it's capable of charging a MacBook Pro 16" to almost full capacity, and at a relatively fast pace too. The 100W maximum capacity is still a little short of what Apple's own 140W fast charger can deliver, but it's about as good as you'll get for a power bank of this size. This all does come at a hefty price though – at an MSRP of $299.99, the Sherpa 100AC is an investment, and it might well be overkill if you're only looking for an occasional backup battery.

Dell Power Companion PW7105L

The Dell Power Companion is specifically optimized for Dell laptops, with most of the brand's modern notebooks being compatible. You can use your laptop's adapter to charge the power bank, so there's no need to bring an additional adapter with you if you're out on longer trips. With 18,000 mAh available, it's not the biggest battery in the segment, but it makes up for it by being compact enough to fit in a laptop case or work bag.

It usually retails for $139.99, but at the time of writing, it can be found for $80.00 on Amazon. At that price, you won't find a much better deal if you're a Dell laptop owner, although it's worth making sure your particular laptop is compatible first. The full list of compatible devices can be found on Dell's website. In addition to the primary laptop barrel connector, there are also two USB-A ports for charging smartphones, tablets, or other devices.

Mophie Powerstation XXL

While it's not going to be suitable for the most power-hungry laptops, the Mophie Powerstation XXL can give notebooks an extra boost for a very reasonable upfront price. Its 19,500 mAh battery can provide up to 14 hours of extra battery life. It retails for $59.99, making it a great entry-level option for anyone who wants some extra backup when they're working on the go but doesn't want to shell out for a top-end power pack.

The Powerstation XXL's biggest letdown is its underwhelming maximum output of 18W from the USB-C port, which is several times less than most pricier power packs offer. That's not even enough to fast charge many of the latest smartphones, never mind a laptop. It might not be fast, but the Powerstation XXL's battery does sport a large capacity for the price, so you should be able to get a fair bit of extra battery life even if it takes a while to charge. Its capability is only a fraction of the latest and greatest chargers, but then, it's only a fraction of the price too.

HyperJuice 245W Battery Pack

Being able to charge multiple devices at once is always a bonus, and few chargers are more capable at doing so than HyperJuice's 245W Battery Pack. The product was originally developed with the help of a crowdfunding campaign that raised over $1 million, and it packs a total of four USB-C PD ports for fast charging multiple devices at once. Two of those ports can deliver up to 100W while the other two can deliver up to 65W — so, for example, two MacBooks, an iPhone, and an iPad could all be charging at once.

With 27,000 mAh and an OLED screen to tell you how much charge it has left, the HyperJuice is one of the most convenient and user-friendly battery packs of its size. Plus, with dimensions of 7.51 x 3.18 x 1.10 inches, it'll fit in any laptop bag or case with ease. It's currently available for $249.99 from HyperJuice's website.

Baseus Blade

Another great option for compact, powerful charging is the Baseus Blade, which boasts a primary 100W and a secondary 65W USB-C port. With 20,000 mAh capacity, it's not the biggest battery on the market, but it's certainly fast when it comes to charging times. Baseus claims a MacBook Pro 16" can be charged up to 36% in 30 minutes, not bad at all for a charger that only costs $99.99.

The Blade also features a screen to tell you how much charge is remaining, plus how long it'll take to charge any device that's plugged in up to the full battery power. As well as laptops, the Blade's high output combined with its affordable price make it a great choice for keeping games consoles like the Steam Deck topped up while out and about, and naturally it's capable of fast-charging even the most power-hungry smartphones too. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that the Blade does not come with a wall charger, so to charge it up from an outlet, you'll need to have a 65W charger already to hand, or buy one separately.

Bluetti EB70

Anyone looking for something a little more heavy-duty than the portable chargers so far may want to consider a portable power station like the Bluetti EB70. With up to 700W output available, it's more than capable of charging multiple power-hungry laptops or even running appliances in a pinch. It packs two USB-C power delivery ports which can each deliver 100W, plus four AC outlets (two three-pronged and two two-pronged), two USB-A ports, two DC barrel ports, and a wireless charging pad. There's also a 12V car port, should you need it.

With much bulkier dimensions and a weight that tops 21 lb (9.5 kg), this is not going to be a battery pack you can take with you everywhere you go. It sacrifices some portability in the name of overall power, but it's a great option for keeping multiple devices alive if you're going to be off-grid for a longer period of time. It might be capable, but it's also very pricey, with a retail price of $699.99. Having said that, a portable power station like this is an invaluable tool if you regularly camp or live somewhere where power outages are a common occurrence.

Anker PowerHouse 200

If the idea of lugging around a bulky power station seems extreme, then the Anker PowerHouse 200 offers a sleek middle ground between those heavy-duty chargers and a traditional power pack. Its metal body with rubber caps makes it look a lot more subtle than the likes of the Bluetti EB70, weighing just 6 lb (2.7 kg) and measuring 7.48 x 5.47 x 4.69 inches. Rest assured though, it still packs plenty of ports, with a 110V AC port, two USB-A ports, and a USB-C port that delivers up to 30W.

While the USB-C port is a little underwhelming, especially since some power banks can deliver 100W, it should still be enough to charge most laptops, albeit without fast charging. With a capacity of 218.8Wh, we found the PowerHouse 200 could charge an iPad Pro, three iPhone 11s, and an iPhone 11 Pro Max, all to full, with just 24% of its reserves. Charging a Surface Go LTE through the AC outlet took another 11%, still leaving us with reserves of more than half remaining. While that 30W USB-C port is far from the best on offer, the PowerHouse 200's combination of ports, portability, and attractive design makes it a solid choice if you don't want a huge, expensive power station. It's available for $259.99, making it significantly cheaper than most heavy-duty portable power stations too.