These 245W HYPER Chargers Are A Potent Power Upgrade For Your Desk Or Bag

If you're working from home and concerned about how you'll stay productive if the power goes out, you may be interested in these newly launched 245-watt products from Hyper. The company, which says it raised $1 million in a crowdfunding campaign, is now offering its 245-watt USB-C Battery Pack and 245-watt GaN Desktop Charger, the latter of which can be used to charge multiple laptops or a mix of laptops and other products (namely, phones and tablets) at the same time.

Gallium nitride (GaN) chargers have grown in popularity due to their compact size, something made possible due to the lesser amount of heat they generate compared to ordinary chargers, as explained by Belkin. The smaller size means that, for example, companies are able to pack a full desktop charging solution into a relatively small and portable form factor, making it easier to charge multiple devices at once when the number of available outlets is limited. As well, the new USB-C power bank offers laptop charging when away from the office and outlets in general.

Putting a single outlet to good use

The new HyperJuice desktop charger features four USB-C ports capable of delivering a total of 100 watts, the company announced in a press release, making it possible to charge an array of your favorite devices using a single outlet. Users can, for example, charge a 16-inch MacBook Pro, iPhone, and iPad Pro at the same time using the HyperJuice, or instead charge four 60W laptops (the ultrabook variety) simultaneously. Despite that capability, Hyper says its 245-watt charger is small enough to fit within a pocket, meaning it shouldn't take up much space in your backpack or on the table at the local coffee shop when you can only find a single available outlet.

Joining the GaN desktop charger is Hyper's HyperJuice 245-watt USB-C Battery Pack, a model that sports a massive 27,000mAh capacity (100Wh) and four USB-C ports, two of which have a total power delivery of 100 watts and another two that have a total power delivery of 65 watts. This means, of course, that you can charge up to four devices at once while on the go, assuming you have the right mix of items that can make use of the different power delivery levels. Users can, for example, recharge their USB-C headphones and smartphone alongside their tablet and ultrabook.

Hyper says its power bank shows the available charge level via a built-in LED display, plus it shows each port's power delivery level so you know which one is best for your gadgets. The device has a 100-watt input charger, meaning users are able to recharge the power bank itself in an hour or so, according to Hyper, assuming you're using a 100-watt USB-C charger. Both devices are available now, with the Desktop Charger priced at $199.99 and the USB-C power bank at $249.99.