These 5 Android Apps Use AI To Help You Learn A New Language

When you think of artificial intelligence (AI), the first thing that comes to mind is probably the cold and stiff voices from your Google Assistant and Alexa. One word, and you'll immediately know it's not a real human talking. But while some AI-powered technology does come off as robotic and fake, other AI tools can help you learn a new language and have you speaking like a local in no time.

AI in language learning may initially be seen as quite ironic. Still, several language apps have leveraged this technology to make language acquisition more accessible and more effective for different learners of different levels. AI plays a role in personalizing every individual's learning path and offering a non-judgmental space for them to practice speaking what they learned. If you're looking for the best language-learning apps that use AI, we've compiled five of the best ones for you to try.


With almost 50 million monthly active users, Duolingo is one of the go-to language learning apps today. It's popularly known for its fun and playful approach to learning, integrating streaks and rankings to motivate you to use the app regularly. Currently, it boasts 40 different languages, including popular ones like Japanese and Spanish and more niche ones like Klingon.

At Duolingo, AI primarily helps tailor the lessons to give you an experience that matches your proficiency level. This way, you get a customized set of exercises focusing specifically on what you, as a unique learner, need to learn. The exercises themselves are also generated with AI, and the computer algorithm forms these exercises from raw human-made content and creates the audio you hear in the exercises. Although human experts grade certain exercise types, most rely on AI to come up with your grades, too.

Two other AI-powered features of Duolingo are Roleplay and Explain My Answer, both available in the newly introduced subscription tier Duolingo Max. These recent features utilize the powerful GPT-4 technology. In Roleplay, you can chat with a computer-generated character to practice real-life conversations. Meanwhile, in Explain My Answer, you'll chat with Duo the Owl, who will elaborate on why your answer to a certain exercise is incorrect. Human experts still evaluate the conversations in both features to check for accuracy.


Memrise entered the language learning scene in 2010 and has racked up no less than 60 million users. Its approach to acquiring a second language sets it apart from its competitors. Instead of traditional classroom methods, the lessons in the app are primarily based on neuroscience, memory techniques, and other innovative strategies, all coming together to help you learn a new language more effectively.

However, Memrise doesn't stop there. In late 2022, it introduced its GPT-3-powered chatbot called MemBot. This AI tool aims to immerse you deeper into the language by allowing you to practice it in conversation. The developers believed it's easier to learn a language when you use it often, and that's where MemBot comes into the picture. It eliminates the stress of finding a native speaker to practice on, as all you need to do is open the chatbot in the Communicate tab and type away. Aside from giving you human-like responses, MemBot also offers other features like translation and suggested responses to guide you along the way.


Most language learning apps concentrate on visual exercises like arranging words on the screen or filling in the blanks with the correct word. But Magiclingua takes a different approach to second-language acquisition. Instead of merely reading the words, you'll be saying them, helping you practice the skill immediately.

The lessons start with a video tutorial covering fundamental topics in everyday conversations, such as how to say hello or use pronouns. Once you finish watching, the AI conversation partner will ask questions about the topic you've just learned. For instance, if the lesson was about answering "Where are you from?" the AI will repeatedly ask that question while displaying different places on the screen. Not only does this allow you to practice your answer and fluency, but it also familiarizes you with the question itself. Magiclingua's AI conversation partner uses cutting-edge speech recognition models and voice synthesis technology to understand and respond to you in a human-like tone.

After completing a set of lessons, you can talk with a native speaker for half an hour to further hone your speaking skills. This way, you can get feedback on your pronunciation and delivery.


Although only offering 10+ languages, Busuu boasts over ten million downloads on the Google Play Store, and it's easy to see why. The lessons are short and easily digestible, and you get various hands-on exercises. The best part is that you can send your answers to the 120-million-strong Busuu community of native speakers. It's a great way to get support and constructive criticism on how well you did a particular exercise.

As one of the best AI apps for Android, Busuu has been leveraging the technology since 2019, first with its Vocabulary Trainer and later with its Grammar Review. Both features use a machine-learning algorithm that provides you with results customized and unique to you. The Vocabulary Trainer compiles study resources based on your vocabulary proficiency, helping you refresh certain words and concepts at specific times. Meanwhile, the Grammar Review considers your grammar level and recommends the most appropriate lessons to practice.


A highly acclaimed language learning platform, Speexx primarily focuses on helping multinational organizations bridge the communication gap between their employees. It enables you to develop and improve your language skills through features such as self-study lessons, video exercises, and communication training. On top of these learning methods, you also get personal chat support, live classes, and one-on-one sessions.

AI plays a role in the Speexx learning journey right from the get-go as it analyzes your initial assessment and pairs you with the right coach. The smart algorithms also generate user-specific study resources considering your needs, interests, job role, and industry. This way, your learning feed is personalized and comes with appropriately spaced repetition to help you easily retain what you've learned. Speexx also leverages AI technology to evaluate user activity for signs of dropping out of the program. With this data, it can readily target potential drop-outs and send them a personalized action as a proactive approach to encourage them to continue using the app.