Kodak FLIK HD10 Review: Android TV Projector With A Price To Match Its Quality

  • Familiar, easy to use operating system
  • Easy setup right out of the box
  • Picture quality is excellent
  • Speakers are very weak
  • Requires near-total darkness for acceptable picture

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Family movie night is a time-honored tradition that has been with us ever since television became an entertainment staple in our living rooms. It has evolved over time with the actors changing and the plotlines varying while the devices through which these stories were conveyed have also changed dramatically. No longer are we stuck with watching movies on 19-inch or even 27-inch screens limited to more or less square formats, often in the "letterbox" style to fit the wide aspect of movie film reproduction. Today's TV screens can be rather large, with screens of 80 inches and more available, but for a significant investment.

To have the ability to watch on a large screen without having to shell out for an expensive LED TV, projectors fill the gap with affordability and even high definition in convenient packages, including Kodak's FLIK HD10. This device is a compact all-in-one device meant to easily set up and project video on any surface which will reasonably accommodate it without distortion. Furthermore, uses are hardly limited to family movies and could be adapted to school or work environments and more. The Kodak FLIK HD10 could be just the solution you're looking for — or it may not be as powerful a projector as you might expect, given the size and the brand name. Either way, Kodak provided us with a FLIK HD10 for the purpose of this review. 

Basics of the FLIK HD10

While readers of a certain age will be very familiar with Kodak as the company that helped preserve snapshots of life on its film and through its cameras, they also may think the company is long gone in the digital age. However, it's still here — to a certain degree. Kodak's product offerings still include an array of cameras including the latest in digital technology and some clever retro-styled film cameras to meet the resurgent demand in film. There is also a range of audio-visual devices including projectors, screens, and related accessories.

The FLIK HD10 is at the top of the range of its projectors and is packed with features to make it versatile and useful to a wide range of consumers. Specifications listed in the owner's manual show that it has a native resolution of 1920 x 1080p from a 3.5-inch LCD TFT panel illuminated by a 200 ANSI lumens 100-Watt LED. Its throw ratio of 1.37 determines how large the image will be at a given distance, but the maximum distance listed is 4 meters or about 13 feet. Inputs include one HDMI, one USB, and one 3.5mm audio out. 

It can handle a variety of the most common current audio formats, such as MPEG or MPEG-4, and photo formats of JPEG, BMP, and PNG. The list of video formats is lengthy, but it suffices to say that it projects in true high-definition of most commonly used formats today. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are also included. Best of all is its size, which measures 5.6 by 5.8 inches with a height of 7.4 inches and only weighs 4.2 pounds.

Setting up and using the FLIK

The FLIK is easy to set up and easy to use as it runs Android TV. Included in the box are a power cable, HDMI cable, and remote control. With a surface to project on, nothing else is needed to get going. Because this device runs Android, getting the FLIK up and running and logging into your account is nearly seamless — all you really need is the password for your Wi-Fi.

Once you have the FLIK projecting onto a surface, navigating the system comes naturally if you are already accustomed to using similar devices, such as Roku or others with Android TV. The menu and apps are displayed in rows with panels for the apps and additional rows with suggestions for movies and recommendations for YouTube, Amazon Prime, and other apps. It can also be customized to your liking. 

Google Assistant is built-in and makes searching for titles a breeze, eliminating the frustrating task of typing via remote control. Instead of a tiny keyboard, the standard remote includes a tiny microphone that allows you to perform Google Assistant searches with ease.

Picture quality

The FLIK's resolution produces a sharp and clear image comparable to HDTVs, but less so than the newest UHD models, and the color reproduction is at its best in near-total darkness. Projecting video can create some challenges, depending on your space. In my house, which is not particularly large but larger than the average apartment. My impromptu screen measures a bit less than six feet. The projector was situated about eight feet back and filled the screen almost to the edges, which left in the way just a bit. Furthermore, the viewing size did not feel appreciably larger than the 55-inch TV we usually watch. In this case, the screen limited the size possible but still took up considerable space on the wall.

The FLIK would be ideal for a much larger room with a larger screen. This would easily be overcome in an institutional setting like a church and for people with larger than average homes that may have a large family room, game room, or oversized enclosed patio. The onboard speakers are only 5 Watts each, so an external speaker is a necessity, especially in a large room. Fortunately, the Bluetooth connection made it easy to send the sound to the home entertainment system in my situation, but a secondary device for audio would be needed to accompany the FLIK in an institutional setting.

Value for money

The Kodak FLIK HD10 is listed on Kodak's website at the time of writing for $269.99, sold directly to the consumer, or can be bought from other retailers, such as Amazon. Considering that about 10 to 15 years ago, projectors with half the quality and capabilities could easily exceed $500, this looks like a bargain. However, it must be compared to its modern-day equivalents. Looking at the prices of its contemporaries, which include Xgimi Halo Plus at $749.99, Xiaomi Mi Smart Projector 2 also at about $750, Philips PicoPix Max at $465, the Kodak is the clear winner on price.

Having the lowest price among competitors is one thing, but is it also a good value? To determine that you must take its actual capabilities under consideration. Kodak's projector projects a 1080p image — this is pretty much baseline low-end for projectors of most sorts, these days. Having the best ultra 4k is very nice, but that probably is not a consideration for most users of a portable projector and drives the cost up by a wide margin. 

The internal speakers leave a lot to be desired, but relatively powerful Bluetooth speakers can be found dirt cheap these days, and they should do the job for most situations quite well. Otherwise, the operating system is a tried and true Android TV, so navigating the FLIK is not only familiar, it works. With these parameters and more in mind, it should not be difficult to see that this device is a winner in its value for money and should perform well in most situations where video projection is needed.

Should you buy one?

A video projector in general is a somewhat specialized device to begin with. The idea of using a projector for daily use, particularly for those who live in small houses or apartments, is absurd. Anyone who buys this will also need a fairly substantial space on which to project it, whether that is a blank white wall or projector screen. It will perform best for those with tall ceilings and larger rooms in which to set it up. For me, it would not make much sense for regular use. However, I do like to have backyard parties and can see this being a well-received addition to summer barbecues that go late into the night. Furthermore, it shows promise for environments that perform presentations for large groups of people and could be recommended to certain institutions as long as an audio device goes with it.

The Kodak FLIK HD10 is a clever little device with impressive specifications that is extraordinarily easy to use. Its low price point makes it an even more attractive option in a field filled with expensive and sometimes overpriced equipment on store shelves. Therefore, for people who have a specific need for a projector with an affordable price tag and those who want to add something to their entertainment viewing options without spending a fortune, the FLIK HD10 (currently approximately $270 on Amazon) is a definite good buy.