5 Of The Best Discord Bots For Your Server

A Discord server is a great way to keep in contact with friends and meet people with the same interests, whether you're swapping memes in the text chat, or yakking away in a voice channel. That said, while Discord is a straightforward chat app with some gaming specializations at its base, that's not all it needs to be.

Thanks to its open-ended nature, Discord allows for the use of special homemade bot users to add some versatility. Discord bots bring unique features to the servers in which they reside, ranging from helpful security and organization perks, to silly entertainment gimmicks. Whether you're running a large scale, forum-style server, or just want something to spice up you and your friends' private hangout, Discord bots can introduce some interesting new functionality. If you're looking for some easy additions to enhance your Discord server, there are plenty of must-have bots that help organize and enhance the fun with friends.

Keep things organized with MEE6

When your Discord server is small enough, maintaining organization isn't difficult, if even necessary. As your server grows in size and scope, though, it becomes much harder for one person to keep tabs on every single user in it. For growing servers, we recommend one of the most popular Discord bots out there: the moderator bot MEE6.

MEE6 allows you to automate many miscellaneous aspects of a Discord server, including welcoming new users, timing out spammers, and keeping a general log of users' comings and goings. You can even use it to assign roles to your server's residents, ensuring everyone has access to the chats and features they're entitled to — while keeping important or back-end stuff private. 

If you're uncomfortable with having a faceless bot as your server's arbitrator, you can also customize MEE6 with a name, avatar, and even a backstory if you're playing on a roleplaying server.

Keep your server secure with Captcha.bot

Unfortunately, just like every other social media platform in existence, Discord has its fair share of annoying, artificial users. Since joining most servers is as simple as clicking a link, bad actors can automate a fake user to sneak in and start spamming or advertising in your personal space. So, how do you staunch the flow of malicious bots? Easy — fight back with a bot of your own.

Captcha.bot provides you with vital security services for your server, starting with requiring new users to verify their humanity with an external link before they can post anything, foiling spammer bots. Even if a bad actor manages to sneak past the verification, Captcha.bot keeps a vigilant watch for phishing links and suspicious accounts, immediately warning users when it detects either. If your Discord server is of a particularly private nature, a security bot like Captcha.bot is a borderline necessity.

Organize your schedule with Sesh

Depending on your line of work, you may be using Discord as a professional tool, in addition to a social one. Thanks to its robust text, audio, and visual chatting features, Discord can be helpful for that. However, Discord isn't optimized to be a work app, so it may be slightly inefficient compared to something like Slack. With the right business bot, you can balance things out a bit.

Sesh is your personal virtual secretary, allowing you to schedule meetings and events, set up RSVPs for invited users, and take polls. You can even integrate Sesh with Google Calendar — as well as other major calendar apps — to ensure you get proper notifications on upcoming events, even if you don't have Discord running. Whether you're setting up a business meeting, or are just trying to get the gang together for a virtual tabletop night, Sesh ensures everyone gets the memo.

Hit the tunes with Green-bot

It's tons of fun to chat through the night with your buddies on a Discord voice channel, but it can be a bit of a ... dry pastime if you're doing it without background music. If you and your friends like to have some music on during your chats, the musical stylings of Green-bot will keep you engaged and entertained.

Green-bot features full compatibility with major music streaming platforms like Soundcloud and Spotify, allowing you to share music to everyone on a voice channel. You can build a playlist on your service of choice and load it onto Green-bot to keep a steady stream of quality tunes playing during your regular chats. 

Don't want one person to have the keys to the jukebox? Green-bot comes equipped with social features like skip votes, ensuring that everyone can hear the music they like instead of being locked into yet another endless loop of Tom Jones's "What's New Pussycat?"

Make a game of the chat with Epic RPG

Have you ever heard of a "Multi-User Dungeon," also known as a "MUD?" MUDs are text-based online games, similar to a traditional MMORPG, but with all aspects rendered only in text, theater-of-imagination style. It's a pleasantly minimalistic kind of online game, and if it sounds appealing to you, you can set one up right in your Discord server. All you need is the right framework, provided by Epic RPG.

The Epic RPG bot transforms your Discord server into a MUD, allowing users to build characters, go on adventures, and battle one another thanks to its library of helpful RPG commands. In addition to the usual adventurer stuff, users can even set themselves up as merchants and NPCs, serving as the bedrock for a truly sprawling roleplaying experience. If you've never been a Dungeon Master before, don't worry: Epic RPG comes pre-loaded with 20 dungeons to help you get your feet wet.

Finding more Discord bots

With the creative power of bots, you can tailor your Discord server to just about any purpose you can think of; be it professional, silly, engaging, or something else entirely. The bots we've listed here will give you an excellent jumping-off point for all of those purposes, but that's not where it has to end.

There are millions of Discord bots out there to try. While some of the biggest names like MEE6 maintain their own dedicated websites, you can find the vast majority of them in the database of Top.gg, which is kind of like the Google Play Store of Discord bots. 

Top.gg maintains categories for different Discord bot purposes including games, roleplaying, music, and more, as well as direct lines to those bots' creators for feedback and questions. If you want to experiment with making your Discord server the best it can be, Top.gg is your one-stop-shop. Who knows, with a little tinkering, you could create the world's first truly all-encompassing Discord server.