Tesla Model 3 Long Range Orders Open Up Again, This Time With A Price Cut

The longest-range Tesla Model 3, aptly named the Tesla Model 3 Long Range is back and available to order again after a delay that lasted several months. The price now stands at $47,240. For that price tag, you'll get "325+ miles" of range, according to Tesla, and a zero to 60 miles per hour time of 4.2 seconds, which puts it firmly in the middle of the Model 3 range. According to Reuters, the initial ordering pause dating all the way back to August of last year was put into place because the waitlist was too long and Tesla couldn't get cars out fast enough. 

Tesla's website shows that orders for the Long Range model are expected to be fulfilled in June. For comparison, a stock Model 3 with an estimated 272 miles of range, has an estimated delivery date of this month, the same delivery window is also shown for the Model 3 Performance. Tesla's other Long Range option, the estimated 330-mile Model Y shows an estimated delivery date between this month and next month. That car retails for $50,240. 

One of several recent price cuts

The reopened order banks come in the wake of a lot of price changes for Tesla. Prices for the Model 3 have dropped precipitously in recent months. Conversely, the price tags on the brand's flagships, the Model X and Model S have gone up. Tesla is presumably trying to push customers into ordering more Model 3s and Ys, and a price drop never hurts matters. 

Production delays and backed-up ordering logs are nothing new for either Tesla (and specifically the Model 3) or the electric vehicle industry as a whole. Notably, Ford, a company with a much stronger reputation for vehicle production, has had a lot of delays in getting its electric truck, the F-150 Lightning into customer's driveways. Even with multiple price hikes, potential buyers are still clamoring to get their hands on a Lightning, and Ford can't always keep up. 

Regardless of anyone's personal feelings on Tesla, price drops are a good thing for potential EV buyers, especially as more affordable EVs like the Chevy Bolt are phased out.