Latest Pixel 7a Leak Leaves Little To The Imagination

Google has a poor track record when it comes to keeping phones under wraps. In the past, it has suffered baneful leaks due to employees leaving unreleased products out in public, and has even resorted to revealing products months prior to the official sale. 

By these standards, keeping leakers at bay is not something we expect Google to be good at. In keeping with this trend, details about Google's upcoming Pixel 7a have now surfaced online ahead of its launch next week. Much of the Pixel 7a has already been leaked, including design changes over the previous affordable Pixel, its specifications, and potential pricing.

Now, WinFuture's Roland Quandt brings us marketing material for the Pixel 7a, plugging gaps in the information previously available about the smartphone. In addition to confirming previously rumored specifications, the leak also reveals exciting additions, such as wireless charging, that make the Pixel 7a a substantial upgrade over its Pixel 6a predecessor.

Previous rumors get a seal of approval

Starting with the already leaked nuances, the Pixel 7a is powered by Google's Tensor G2 chipset, the same found inside the Pixel 7 series devices. The display size remains unchanged from the Pixel 6a at 6.1 inches, but the refresh rate has been increased from 60Hz to 90Hz.

The Pixel 7a gets a significant upgrade in terms of the cameras, and now features a 64MP primary camera, up from the 12MP that served the Pixel series for over five years. The larger sensor also allows for better zooming, with the Pixel 7a now being capable of up to 8x Super Res Zoom, as opposed to 7x on the Pixel 6a.

Besides the primary camera, the secondary unit is also getting a meager upgrade to a 13MP ultrawide-angle camera, while the front camera's resolution is being raised from 8MP to 13MP. The raised lip housing of the rear dual camera has also been upgraded from the previous-gen plastic to aluminum. With onboard AI sorcery, thanks to the Tensor G2 chip, the Pixel 7a also gets features such as Photo Unblur and Magic Eraser.

Besides information from these leaked infographics, previous leaks also suggest 8GB of RAM and 128GB/256GB storage variants for the device.

Wireless charging makes for a surprising utility

The Pixel 7a is reportedly the first smartphone in the series to feature wireless charging, bringing it one step closer to the more premium Pixel 7. Notably, the Pixel 7 reaches a maximum charging speed of 20W with Google's official 2nd Gen Pixel Stand wireless charger, and we can expect the Pixel 7a to follow suit. 

With other Qi-certified unofficial wireless chargers, the speed is limited to 12W. Despite this limitation, wireless charging has one meaningful utility: wireless Battery Share. The Pixel 7a can be used to reverse-charge wireless earbuds and supported smartwatches, such as the Pixel Watch, with its own battery.

In terms of wired charging, the Pixel 7a may still be limited to 18W, per the leaked material. Details about the battery remain unknown, but Google claims a 24-hour uptime. An earlier leak suggests Google may stick to the 4,400mAh battery from the Pixel 6a. Lastly, the leak confirms three potential colors, including a gray, a white, and a light blue variant of the Pixel 7a.

The Pixel 7a is set to go on sale starting May 11, as per a teaser shared by Google India earlier today. Based on this information, it's safe to assume Google will take time to talk about the phone at the Google I/O 2023 conference, scheduled for May 10. Besides the specifications, a recent report also suggests Google may be pricing the Pixel 7a at $449, which is a $50 jump over the Pixel 6a.