10 Best Waterproof Phone Cases For Android

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Whether you're going to the beach or are downright clumsy, a waterproof phone case is a handy way to protect your Android phone. Although most smartphones have some degree of water protection, they aren't foolproof. Water damage usually voids warranties, making water protection cases valuable for spending time in or near water.

Most waterproof phone cases are available in two designs: pouches and cases. Pouches are made of thin and transparent plastics to seal your phone inside them, while cases are more like traditional phone cases with added water-resistant features. When selecting the best waterproof phone protection for your Android phone, you'll want to ensure the case is compatible with your phone's size. Then, you want to consider its water resistance, shock resistance, and overall durability. If you plan to use the case daily, you'll want a sleek but strong case that supports touchscreen functionality. Also, remember that once your phone is underwater, the touchscreen will become unresponsive, so you'll have to use the volume buttons to snap pictures if you're snorkeling or diving.

In this article, we've compiled the best waterproof phone cases for Android phones and discussed their features, benefits, and drawbacks. You'll find options for everyone, from those who enjoy water activities to those who simply want a bit of added water protection against accidental spills and sink drops. 

Below you may notice that some of these pouches look rather like the others — it's entirely possible that multiple brands are using the same manufacturer. Once you're down in the $10 range, you're going to want to test the pouch extensively by placing a paper towel into the case, then dunking it.

Keen-eyed observers will note that some of these cases have iPhones in their product photos — rest assured, they work just as well with Android.

Hiearcool Waterproof Phone Pouch: Best budget case with carbon offset

The Hiearcool waterproof phone pouch is probably the most popular waterproof pouch from a company you've never heard of before. It's simple, it's rated well, and it can work with a variety of devices. It's priced at $9.99 and has IPX8 waterproofing protection up to 30 meters underwater, but the manufacturer recommends not exceeding 15 meters. The waterproof pouch can hold phones like Samsung Galaxy S22, S21 Ultra, S21+, Note10+, Google Pixel 6, and Pixel 5.

Hiearcool's transparent phone pouch lets you view the phone while it's sealed and comes in a pack of two, making it a solid budget pick. It's made of TPU material to ensure a responsive touch-screen experience while keeping your device safe from underwater submersion, rain, snow, sand, and even water sports. Although scratch-resistant, you'll want to keep the pouch away from sharp objects that could tear it and avoid using it at hot springs. If your phone's small, you won't have to remove its case when placing it inside, making the Hiearcool pouch convenient to use.

There's an adjustable lanyard included with the pouch, making it handy to keep your device on you during snorkeling and water sports. The pouch features a secure snap clasp and a lock seal mechanism to ensure everything inside it stays dry. 

The Hiearcool also has a climate-pledge-friendly label, is easy to use, fits most Android models, and is good for water sports and shallow water use.

JOTO Waterproof Phone Pouch:

Look familiar? The Joto waterproof phone pouch is the cheapest option that remains worth the cash — it retails for $9.99, but discounts often knock a few dollars off, and it comes as a two-pack. This transparent pouch is compact and can fit your belongings and devices up to 7 inches, like Samsung Galaxy S21+, S21 Ultra, S20 FE, Note20 Ultra, and Google Pixel phones. Even with this pouch, you'll have to remove your phone's case before placing it inside so it doesn't feel too tight.

The Joto pouch's made of high-quality PVC material, so it's light, and the IPX8 waterproofing is good for 30 meters — safe for snorkeling, tubing, kayaking, rafting, and other water sports. You can even use it in the sauna, and some reviewers claim to have used it at the hot springs. But there is a risk of your device overheating due to the lack of air circulation, and the screen could fog up.

There's a secure locking design for swift and safe locking, but the sealing clips are tight, so unlocking could feel rather cumbersome if you need to bring out your device often. The neck straps make it convenient to keep the pouches on you, but they're not adjustable.

Syncwire Waterproof Phone Pouch: Best waterproof pouch with a durable lanyard

The Syncwire waterproof pouch is suitable for phones up to 7 inches and has an IPX8 rating. You'll want to remove your phone's case before placing it in the transparent pouch, especially if you have a thick case. The $15.99 pouch is waterproof up to 30 meters and is useful against dirt, dust, snow, and sand. Its soft and durable TPU material ensures decent touch responsiveness during mild water exposure, but it won't be much use underwater. And although facial recognition will work, fingerprint unlocking won't. You'll also want to avoid subjecting the pouch to sharp objects or rough usage because it doesn't have strong scratch resistance.

The Syncwire pouch's highlight is its heavy-duty lanyard, which can carry at least 44 pounds. Its safety lock hook design makes it more reliable than a regular lanyard, and its adjustable length (15.7 to 23.6 inches) lets you wear it comfortably in various situations. The pouch's snap and lock mechanism is sturdy and tight, but don't forget to test the seal before putting your phone inside.

Syncwire's waterproof pouch is a budget option if you want waterproofing and a reliable neckstrap that won't betray you during an adventure. It can fit phones up to 7 inches, but you might not have space to fit anything else if your phone's massive.

Pelican 2 Pack Marine: Best waterproof pouch with floatation

The Pelican Marine waterproof is the most expensive pouch on our list at $29.99, and the only one with floatation. It offers IPX8 water protection and can withstand 1-meter water immersion for up to 30 minutes, but the in-built air cushions won't allow the pouch to remain underwater for long. Manufactured by Pelican Products, a company specializing in protective cases since 1976, the floating pouch comes as a two-pack and boasts impressive craftsmanship and durability. Along with water resistance, it's useful against sand, snow, and dust. The pouch is fully transparent on one side to facilitate touchscreen operation, while the other has a transparent camera lens window.

Unlike the other pouches in this list, the Pelican Marine's available in two sizes: regular and XL. Regular can house phones up to 6 inches, like Google Pixel 5, and XL's spacious enough for phones up to 7 inches, like OnePlus 11, Realme C35, and Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

The pouch has a non-adjustable lanyard, and Pelican suggests you can use the pouch for swimming, snorkeling, high-velocity water sports, and at the sauna. Pelican Marine's tight seal is excellent for water protection, and the air cushions will make it easy to retrieve in case it goes underwater. 

Wellhouse Universal Waterproof Phone Pouch: Best waterproof pouch for a sleek design

The Wellhouse Universal's features are similar to those of other pouches, including an IPX8 rating and space for up-to-7-inch devices like the Google Pixel 4XL and Motorola Moto G 5G. This $18 pouch has a sleek design and comes in vibrant colors, like blue, light blue, mint, olive, and pink, other than the traditional black and white. 

Its lanyard is sturdy, detachable, and adjustable up to 23.6 inches. There's a safety latch built into the pouch for the lanyard to connect to tightly, but that also means you can't swap out the lanyard for another one. Although this pouch has no added floatation, it has an interesting SOS feature — a safety whistle to get help in the wild or during outdoor activities.

This pouch is also a bit different from some of the others on this list in that it has a viewing window at the back, as well as the front — so you can snap photos underwater, too.

Temdan for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Case Waterproof: Best waterproof phone case for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

The Temdan waterproof case is designed for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, and its IP68 rating lets you submerge it to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes. It'll set you back $35.99, but you could grab it for $23.99 during deals. Like the waterproof pouches, the Temdan case is snowproof and dirtproof, but it's sturdier thanks to shockproofing. The case has a double-layer shock-absorbing design, and the corners have reinforced shockproofing to disperse fall impact and keep your phone safe even if it drops from a height of 3.6 meters. Its non-slip side bumpers and lanyard help you grip the phone securely and comfortably.

Case installation is hassle-free because of the snap-on design to attach the front and back panels. The case has a 0.33mm in-built screen protector that's scratch resistant while ensuring high touch responsiveness, but you'll have to remove any screen protectors you've installed previously. And don't forget to reset your fingerprints after you've installed the case to ensure seamless unlocking. The case is compatible with the S-pen, but you'll need to use the original Samsung Type-C cable for charging because thicker ones won't fit. Alternatively, you could wirelessly charge your phone with the case equipped. Like some of the other pouches on the list, the Temdan case is climate pledge friendly and even offers lifetime replacement.

The Temdan case is ideal for you if you have a Galaxy S23 Ultra and plan to use the case for daily protection. It's great for outdoor activities like swimming, snorkeling, tubing, and other land adventures.

Lanhiem Pixel 7 Case: Best waterproof phone case for Pixel 7

The Lanheim is a rugged, waterproof, and shockproof case for the large Google Pixel 7, and it goes for $20.99. Like most other options on this list, it's IP68 waterproof and can remain submerged up to 2 meters for 60 minutes. It's been drop tested from a height of 2 meters, has reinforced corner protection, two layers of protection at the front and back, and a sturdy PET screen protector.

Although it's robust and offers all-around protection, the climate-pledge-friendly case blocks the audio ports, so phone calls could sound inconvenient for some. The snap-on design makes installation a breeze, and the case's side grips and included wrist strap give you a secure grip. You'll have to increase your Pixel 7's touch sensitivity when using this case and remove any existing screen protectors for smooth touchscreen use and fingerprint scanning. Another thing you'll want to look out for is the charging port — USB-C cables too wide at the base won't fit the charging-port cutout.

This case is ideal for Pixel 7 owners who are exposed to water bodies frequently or are into adventure and water sports and need reliable protection. Planning to use it while swimming or snorkeling? Since the case doesn't float, you'll want to connect a floating wrist strap to it for greater safety and easy retrieval.

Nisso Professional Snorkeling Underwater Phone case: Best waterproof snorkeling case for smaller Android devices

The Nisso Professional Snorkeling case isn't your everyday phone case — it's built for underwater use (IP68) and can withstand 15 meters of depth for 60 minutes and 30 meters for 30 minutes. Though listed at $78.99, you can get it for as low as $45.99 during a sale. It's shockproof (drop tested from 3 meters) and useful against snow, dust, sand, and scratches. The case's six locks safely seal devices and keep water out, and moving tabs inside help secure compatible phones, like Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note10.

The tabs also align different-sized phones with the shutter mechanism, pressing which engages a lever to push the volume button, making it more convenient to capture photos and videos underwater. Note that this case is incompatible with devices like the Samsung Galaxy S20, S21 Ultra, and Pixel phones. Nisso works with camera sticks (not included in the purchase) and has a secure wrist lanyard. The case has some touch sensitivity, but you must remove your existing screen protector for enhanced sensitivity. Still, don't expect the touchscreen to work once you're underwater because the water pressure meddles with the touch sensitivity and input.

The Nisso Professional Snorkeling case has a one-year warranty and is great for adventurers and snorkelers with smaller phones who want to shoot clear pictures and videos underwater.

Willbox Professional Generation 2: Best waterproof snorkeling case for larger Android devices

Need a waterproof case for snorkeling but your phone's too large for regular cases? The $48.99 Willbox Professional (Generation 2) is your answer. It has an IP68 rating, six locks for a super tight seal, moving tabs to secure your phone inside, and a fall-proof wrist lanyard. There are two shutter mechanisms on both sides of the case, making it compatible with phones that have volume buttons on either side. The maximum depth it can withstand is 20 meters for 60 minutes — the composite metal fasteners improve tightness and durability significantly but also make the case thicker than most on this list.

This case is compatible with a variety of larger Android phones, including Galaxy S21, S21+, Note20, OnePlus 9, Motorola G Pro, Huawei 9X, and LG Stylo 6. The anti-reflection glass improves visibility above and below water — but keep in mind that this case, too, isn't for daily use. It's great for taking pictures while snorkeling and works with camera sticks, but the touchscreen isn't super smooth on land and won't work once you're underwater. And the deeper you swim, the wonkier the touchscreen gets due to increased water pressure.

All in all, the Willbox Professional Generation 2 is suitable for people with larger Android phones who want to take high-quality pictures and videos while snorkeling or indulging in water sports.

SeaLife Underwater Smartphone Scuba Case: Best waterproof phone case for underwater photography

If you're serious about underwater photography, the SeaLife Underwater Smartphone Scuba case is the best and most expensive on our list, currently retailing for $349. This durable, vacuum-sealed case is made of aluminum, stainless steel, and polycarbonate to keep your Android phone safe even 40 meters underwater. Since the housing is Bluetooth controlled, you can integrate your phone and effortlessly operate the camera settings without relying on the touchscreen — no more having to resurface to make basic camera adjustments. The large shutter button and control buttons make for quick operation.

It has dual leak alarms to detect changes in moisture and internal pressure and sends audio and visual cues to notify you and prevent a leak from getting worse. An issue with almost all the other waterproof cases and pouches is the internal screen fogging due to a lack of air circulation. But the SeaLife Underwater case uses anti-fog moisture muncher capsules to absorb residual moisture and prevent fogging. As for the fit, the case can accommodate phones up to 6.49 inches, so many (but not all) Android phones will be compatible. But the case won't fit S21 Ultra, S23 Ultra, Pixel 7, and Pixel 7 Pro.

The SeaLife Underwater Smartphone Scuba case is a pricey investment and isn't apt for infrequent use. But if you're a scuba diver who often ventures into watery realms and wants to capture photos and videos smoothly with maximum safety assurance, this is the best waterproof case for you.