Amazon Leaks Price Of Standalone Pixel Tablet Charging Dock Ahead Of Google IO

Google's much-anticipated Pixel Tablet is generating quite a buzz, with several leaks offering details about its charging dock and possible launch date. With Google I/O scheduled for May 10, speculation suggests that the Pixel Tablet will debut at the event alongside Google's first foldable, the Pixel Fold.

A leaked Amazon listing, spotted by 9to5Google, briefly revealed that the charging dock — listed as "Pixel Tablet Standalone Charging Dock" — could be priced at $129. The listing showed the pricing and a May 10 preorder date, but it has since been removed.

The charging dock is expected to ship with the Pixel Tablet, allowing users to transform the device into a smart display with a speaker system when not in use as a tablet. The leaked price offers clear pricing expectations for the dock, but it could also hint toward the price category for the tablet itself.

Unless it boasts standalone functionality, $129 is quite the premium for a tablet stand with built-in speakers. Between the stand's price and the Pixel Tablet's rumored specs, we expect the latter to be priced competitively to challenge the likes of Apple's iPad Pro and Samsung Galaxy Tab S8.

The Amazon listing showed the dock in a color called "Hazel," potentially corresponding to a greenish Pixel Tablet colorway that has been previously spotted as well. The preorder date for the dock is listed as May 10, the same day as Google I/O, hinting that Google may open preorders for the tablet during the event.

What else can we expect from this Pixel Tablet duo?

While the dock's leaked price tag raises eyebrows, there is still uncertainty regarding its capabilities. In comparison, a Nest Audio speaker is priced at $99, and offers versatile functionality.

There is a possibility that the dock will have its own Wi-Fi connection, enabling it to continue playing music or receiving casts even if the tablet is removed. The assumption is apropos, given its similarity to the appearance of other Nest devices. In particular, the docking station bears a striking resemblance to the Google Nest Hub.

Based on rumors and leaked images, the Pixel Tablet will likely sport thick bezels and a centrally positioned front-facing camera. Although hardware specifications remain unconfirmed, the Pixel Tablet is speculated to have a 10.95-inch display, dual 8MP rear cameras, and up to 256GB of storage. You can also bank on Google's latest in-house Tensor G2 chipset providing the processing power.