Jaguar Reveals 4-Door GT EV Plan With More Than 400 Miles Of Range

Jaguar Land Rover has announced plans to build a new series of electric vehicles and commit itself to building more EVs, with the first being a four-door grand touring car. There are no details as to what the car will actually be named, or what it will look like. 

However, according to a press release from the automaker, it will ride on Jaguar's new electric vehicle architecture known as JEA (Jaguar Electrified Architecture). Also, it will supposedly have a range of "up to" 430 miles, though the EV platform is still in production. That would make Jaguar's new electric vehicle one of the longest-range EVs available on the market.

The brand has a target price of £100,000, which is about $124,192 — putting it firmly in the territory of the Tesla Model S and Lucid Air. The EV is planned to be built in the U.K. as part of a more than $18 billion plan to re-tool its factories for EV production, and get more battery powered models out the door.

Jaguar's electric future

As part of the announcement, Jaguar Land Rover also announced that a pure-EV Land Rover Range Rover will be available to order later this year. Going with the plan for a more electrified future, Jaguar Land Rover is renaming its engine plant to the Electric Propulsion Manufacturing Centre, and it will reorient its Halewood plant to build EVs exclusively. The new EV platform that the GT car will ride on will hit the roads in 2025.

The U.K.-based automakers have huge plans for an EV future, closely following Ford's recent announcement to build a new EV truck — dubbed T3 — at its upcoming BlueOval City EV plant in Tennessee. Switching from building conventional internal-combustion-powered cars to a full EV lineup is not as easy as switching some machines around on the assembly line. Hopefully, Jaguar Land Rover will be able to kick production into high gear and start cranking out its new EVs on schedule, since another special edition Range Rover perhaps can't keep the lights on.