Ford Just Dropped Big News On Its Mysterious Project T3 Electric Truck

The Ford F-150 Lightning electric truck has already proven to be one of the most in-demand EVs on the market. Now Ford plans to make another EV truck that is so far just titled Project T3. Details are scarce so far, but Ford is pulling out all the stops to make sure that production goes as smoothly and responsibly as possible. Ford plans to build the truck in 2025 at its new BlueOval City plant in West Tennessee.

According to a press release from Ford, T3 stands for "Trust the Truck" and that phrase serves as the new model's entire design philosophy. Ford wants to build an EV that people can rely on, much like its internal combustion brand siblings. Ford says the truck will not only be easier to produce than the Lightning, it hopes T3 will be its most versatile truck yet. Anything that can smooth over the production delays of the Lightning is sure to be a good thing in Ford's book. If all goes according to plan, BlueOval City will be instrumental in Ford's future EV truck plans.

Ford's plans for an electric future

BlueOval City is a $5.6 billion 3,600 acre campus with the sole purpose of making EVs for Ford. The automaker plans to hire 6,000 people to work at the plant and is dumping millions of dollars into local STEM education programs in Tennessee. In addition to all the new jobs, Ford says that the plant will be powered by carbon-neutral electricity by day one. Additionally, by 2035, Ford hopes to run all of its factories with carbon-free electricity. 

In other Ford EV assembly plants, production is often slowed simply by the fact it takes the SK-manufactured batteries time to get to the plant. This is not the case with BlueOval as it will have an onsite SK battery manufacturing facility. As of now, Ford is remaining quiet on what the truck will look like and even the production-ready name. However, the automaker has said that its fully operational truck plant should be capable of churning out 500,000 EV trucks a year.