The Best Times To Buy A New TV In 2023

Let's face it — some Americans can get downright competitive when it comes to a great deal on a new television. For years, we were bombarded with post-Thanksgiving videos of fistfights breaking out at retailers over doorbuster-priced flat screens. Indeed, Black Friday is one of the best times to buy a television in 2023, but definitely not the only time you can score a bargain.

Super Bowl season can also be a prime time to shop for a new television for a couple of reasons. Retailers know that the biggest televised sporting event of the year is a natural excuse for consumers to purchase a new larger TV to watch it on, particularly if you're hosting a party. Also, current model TVs will have been on the market for almost one full year in February, so there's an incentive to discount existing inventory prior to the arrival of the latest models.

Obviously, the 2023 Super Bowl has already been played, but spring is still a great time to be a television shopper, but only if you're not necessarily interested in the latest and greatest. It's true, the latest models are hitting stores right now, but that means any lingering TVs from the prior generation will remain heavily discounted, even though the Big Game promotions are over. If you don't need the absolute latest features of the new releases, large discounts can be had on year-old models.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are still the best

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are widely considered by many to offer the best deals on appliances, clothing, and electronics like televisions. In the past, you had to physically go to stores to take advantage of the best deals, sometimes absurdly early in the morning or even the night before the store opened to wait in line. Fortunately, large retailers are now offering their best deals in stores and on the internet, although some deals are still limited in quantity, so you might not fully escape having to stay up late or wake up early to snag that bargain.

If you miss your opportunity to buy in spring and don't want to wait until, after Thanksgiving, long holiday weekends during summer such as Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day are usually accompanied by special sales, including electronics. The deals may not be quite as spectacular as Black Friday but could get close. Lastly, Amazon Prime members may want to investigate Prime Day, typically held in mid-July.

Whatever your reason to buy a new TV in 2023 — a larger screen, sharper resolution, or increased technology — there are plenty of upcoming sales to take advantage of. But choose wisely — the average family keeps their television for five to 10 years.