Microsoft Brings DALL-E To New AI-Powered Bing

Last month, Microsoft introduced Bing Chat, its AI-powered web copilot, offering improved search, comprehensive answers, chat experiences, and content creation capabilities. The chat feature generates answers to complex questions, helps users with content creation, and offers a more engaging approach to entertainment and education. It has been utilized in over 100 million chats, according to Microsoft. The experience will become more visually oriented with the introduction of Bing Image Creator, AI-powered visual Stories, and updated Knowledge Cards.

Based on an advanced version of OpenAI's DALL·E model, Bing Image Creator enables users to create images by describing them in their own words. To the chagrin of starving artists, these AI art models draw their inspiration from pieces encompassing a vast range of the world's history, from classic paintings like the Mona Lisa to the deeply intricate digital imagery artists have created with programs like Photoshop. The result: users can now generate original images that may not have previously existed on the web, and many have already flooded the likes of Instagram via apps like Lensa.

Bing Image Creator will be fully integrated into Bing's chat experience for those in the preview, with initial availability contained within a so-called Creative mode. Users can create images by providing a description, context, and art style preference. Microsoft Edge will also integrate Bing Image Creator with a dedicated icon, making it the first browser with an AI-powered image generator.

AI art for the masses

Bing Image Creator will roll out gradually to a small subset of users and will initially be available in Creative mode. Eventually, access will be expanded to include Balanced and Precise modes, though it remains unclear what differentiates them from a visual standpoint.

To ensure the responsible use of Bing Image Creator, Microsoft and OpenAI worked together to implement critical safeguards and protections to limit harmful or unsafe images. Potentially harmful prompts will be blocked, and users will be warned, though Microsoft hasn't yet outlined what disciplinary measures it'd take for anyone repeatedly attempting to generate problematic imagery. AI-generated images will be clearly marked with a modified Bing icon. As with Bing Chat, Microsoft will use real-world feedback to improve the experience.

Microsoft has also announced the immediate availability of Knowledge Cards 2.0 and Stories for all Bing users. These features provide engaging, interactive content like images, short videos, and dynamic infographics to add further value to search results.

Bing Image Creator will be available to Bing preview users on both desktop and mobile platforms. You can check to see if you're in by heading to It's limited to English for now, with more languages to be supported in the future. Not yet in the new Bing preview? You can still join the waitlist, with more users being added daily.