Microsoft 'Co-Pilot' Leaked Before AI Event

Microsoft is planning big AI-assisted features for its popular Office suite of products, and some of it was lined up for a reveal at an event later today. Unfortunately, one of those tricks has been unceremoniously leaked, and it looks impressive from a productivity standpoint. The leaked feature in question is called PowerPoint Copilot, which borrows its name from the company's GitHub Copilot feature for writing code. Just like its GitHub counterpart, the Copilot system in PowerPoint lets users create a presentation with a single prompt.

All you need to do is click on the PowerPoint Copilot button in the menu bar at the top, put a prompt in the chat box that opens on the right edge of the screen, and attach the necessary file that you need to be converted into a presentation. The AI reads the file attachment's contents, arranges them neatly across multiple slides with appropriate formatting like paragraphs, font and title adjustments, bullet points, etc., and even adds suitable backgrounds to the slide elements.

This is quite a game-changing trick

The short video, which was leaked on Twitter, suggests that the feature would work just the way users interact with Bing Chat, the GPT4-powered chatbot that is now bundled with the Bing search engine and the Edge browser. Once a presentation is created by the Copilot feature, users can choose to save it if they like what they see. However, if they need a fresh overhaul, there's a dedicated "Regenerate" button to accomplish just that — with a single click. Moreover, if you like what the AI conjured up for you but want to make a few refinements, there's an "Adjust" button that will let you make changes to the created work.

The move is not surprising, as Microsoft recently confirmed that it will bring the underlying tech behind ChatGPT to more of its commercial products. For example, users will be able to compose emails in Outlook with a single-line prompt. LinkedIn is also tapping into the ChatGPT AI reserves, making it easier for users to write professional descriptions for their profiles on the platform. Microsoft is not the only company leveraging generative AI smarts for its consumer products. Just yesterday, Google announced plans of integrating its own Bard AI into G Suite products like Docs to make life easier for users.