Microsoft May Soon Demo Its Prometheus AI In Outlook, PowerPoint, And Word

The rumor mill is buzzing with gossip about Microsoft's further plans for ChatGPT. The Microsoft-backed conversational AI has been all the rage on the internet since it came out, and Microsoft is certainly looking to capitalize on that by integrating the chat bot into many of its products. It started with Bing, but now, rumor has it that Microsoft is planning to integrate ChatGPT (also referred to as "Prometheus Model") into even more of its products.

ChatGPT is a powerful AI that can answer all sorts of questions, and even create content or programming code, which has many people worried for their jobs. However, Microsoft appears to treat it more as a productivity tool than a replacement for the creativity of the human brain. 

During its presentation of what the new AI model will do for Bing and Microsoft Edge, the company showed off many features that look like they'll be making our lives easier. This includes the ability to create a full itinerary for a trip and email it to your family, answering complex questions with full responses, or even summarizing financial reports.

Microsoft's AI is coming to Office 365 products

Open AI's ChatGPT is already available for testing in Edge and Bing, although not everyone has access to it right now. Extending the reach of the AI to Microsoft's Office 365 products seems like a logical next step. While those who are testing the AI can already try it out on Microsoft's web apps — such as the web version of Teams — it appears that further expansion of ChatGPT is imminent.

The Verge reports that Microsoft is getting ready to reveal its plans for its Prometheus Model "in the coming weeks." ChatGPT has already been tested in Outlook for how well it can boost search results — a much-needed feature. The "Compose" functionality can also be used to suggest responses to emails, which seems like a much more advanced version of the predictive text in Gmail that we already know today. The AI might also find its way into Word and Excel, where Microsoft is hoping to teach it how to prepare graphs.

Microsoft's rivalry with the Alphabet-owned Google appears to be the driving force behind these fast-paced changes. Just one day before Microsoft broke the news about advancements in its AI model, Google announced its own competitor to ChatGPT — Apprentice Bard. Both companies want to stay on top of the AI game, and that is bound to result in some exciting new launches this year.