The Bold Italian Motorcycle That Perfectly Blends Style And Speed

If you're looking for a motorcycle and want something classic and American, both Harley-Davidson and Indian Motorcycle company have been competing against each other for other 100 years to bring the most iconic American bike to the market. If you're going with a populist approach and want something economic and practical, look no further than Honda. If a conventionally configured engine is not your style, bikes from BMW and Moto Guzzi have offerings that are a far cry from your run-of-the-mill v-twin.

But when you're looking for something that will cause a stir when you arrive due to both its sheer presence and the speed at which it arrived, Ducati is the brand you're looking for. No other major motorcycle producer name carries as much weight as Ducati when you're talking about bikes that are as beautiful as they are powerful. It's the quintessential Italian bike. Specifically, the Ducati SuperSport 950 splits a perfect balance between going fast and looking good while doing it. 

A sensible sport bike

In the power department, the SuperSport is on the lower end of Ducati's lineup at a still fairly stout 110 horsepower from its 937 cc engine. It's not earth-shattering like its big brother, the Panigale V4, but not everyone wants to strap themselves to a rocket every day while riding. Daily riding a Panigale V4 might get old fast after all the adrenaline in your body has been drained. The SuperSport takes a more sane approach with usable power that won't make you the target of every police officer with a radar gun. When it comes to color choices, you are limited to Ducati Red because why would you want it in any other color? 

For stopping and cornering, it has huge Brembo brakes and a litany of sensors made by Bosch that helps the bike corner more quickly and safely while going full tilt on the track. The anti-lock braking system has three selectable modes that control braking in different conditions, ranging from track use to inclement weather. 

Overall, the SuperSport offers the look, feel, and style of a superbike while being a perfectly suitable daily rider bike. It's no slouch on the performance front, but it won't give your insurance company nightmares.