2023 Indian Sport Chief Shows Off Thunderstroke 116 Engine, 4-Inch Touchscreen

Founded in 1901, Indian Motorcycle company is not only one of the oldest motorcycle companies around, but one of the oldest motorized transportation companies period. It was the first motorcycle company in the United States, and Indian also serves as the constant thorn in Harley-Davidson's side when it comes to American motorcycles. It's been involved in nearly aspect of motorcycle history in its 122-year history, ranging from motorsports to inventing several motorcycle components that are commonplace today.

Two years ago, Indian unveiled a redesigned and modernized version of the brand's storied V-twin-powered Chief motorcycle. Now, Indian is expanding its Chief offerings with the new Sport Chief model. The Sport Chief is the brand's new bike that utilizes a big Thunderstroke V-twin and all manner of performance parts for an enthusiast's ride. In addition to the go-fast parts, the Sport Chief offers a wide array of upgrades to make for a better riding experience. 

Indian's new performance bike

The Sport Chief's main appeal is its Thunderstroke 116 cubic inch V-twin motor, that according to an Indian press release, generates 120 pound feet of torque to the rear wheel. The new bike will also take advantage of dual-disc, four-piston Brembo brakes when you need to stop. Plus, adjustable FOX rear shocks allow for more aggressive cornering or more comfort depending on your preference. The Sport Chief will also come with a 5 3/4 inch Pathfinder headlight that is the first motorcycle headlight to feature adaptive high-beam technology.

The bike features a new fairing design, Pirelli Dragon tires as standard, and a four-gallon fuel tank. The Sport Chief comes with Sport, Standard, and Tour as its three ride modes. Those modes can be selected through Indian's Ride Command four-inch touchscreen. The Bluetooth-capable Ride Command allows riders to control their music and navigation systems, as well as access additional gauges and diagnostic information.

The Sport Chief starts at $18,999 and will be delivered to dealerships in March of this year.