We Asked ChatGPT What The Best Cars Ever Made Are, And It Has Great Taste

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ChatGPT is a groundbreaking new technology that's been years in the making. AI has remained a stable feature of science fiction and computer science fascination, but in recent years it's become something accessible to the masses. No longer relegated to use within gigantic corporate analysis cauldrons, AI systems are being deployed to create award-winning art, write college essays, and much more. ChatGPT is at the forefront of this new atmosphere, but it's far from the only AI system out there. Essentially, ChatGPT and others like it are AI language models that have taken in vast libraries of resources in an effort to create flowing conversational ability. When asked a question, the AI system –- if functioning as expected –- will be able to parse the nature of the query and fire back a cogent and informed response. There have been problems with these systems, of course, such as the Meta AI "Galactica" that spat out a research paper-style production about the benefits of eating crushed glass.

Even considering setbacks along the way to continually improving AI systems, they can churn out some insightful content. We asked ChatGPT what it thought the best cars ever made were. It's answer followed the customary format of nonpartisanship, but it did offer up three vehicles that are often thrown around in this sort of conversation, proving the system would have fantastic taste in cars if it could drive! "The best car ever made is subjective and based on personal preferences. However, some popular choices for the best car ever made include the Ferrari 250 GTO, the Porsche 911, and the McLaren F1 ... However, the definition of the 'best car' varies based on individual opinions and priorities," it noted.

Ferrari 250 GTO

Ferrari is a great place to start. Enzo Ferrari established the brand as a racing team called Scuderia Ferrari in 1939, and less than ten years later (1947) he was producing his own Ferrari vehicles that would garner significant attention all around the world. Ferrari remains a highly competitive outfit in the Formula 1 paddock: In the 2023 season, Ferrari will pay out the third highest salary among F1 drivers to Charles Leclerc. The team's other driver, Carlos Sainz Jr. will earn more than the combined salary of five other teams on the track, signaling how important this sport is to the company. It's this racing DNA that makes Ferrari such a force in the public consciousness surrounding sports cars. None epitomize this passion more than the 250 GTO. "The Ferrari 250 GTO is highly sought after for its combination of performance, rarity, and historical significance," ChatGPT offered in regard to the car.

Ferrari, for its part, says that "this was the car that summed up Ferrari philosophy." Built between 1962 and 1964, the vehicle is a unique rarity in automotive history and when one sells these days it fetches huge interest and an even larger price tag (one sold at Sotheby's annual sale in 2018 for $48.4 million). Powered by a monstrous V12 engine, the car can reach a top speed of 174 miles per hour. Only 36 GTOs were produced, making them exceptionally rare on top of the visual flair that makes gearheads salivate. The car is a worthy choice, to be sure.

Porsche 911

There are a number of 911 models to choose from, making this car a versatile option that can add aesthetically to any collector's garage. The vehicles come in sedan and convertible options, with both hard and soft top builds. Porsche makes both a Carrera and Targa 911, as well as a Turbo, GT3, GT3 RS, Sport Classic, and Dakar builds. The 911 is one of Porsche's most popular models of all time – although the Cayenne is its best-seller. Of the Porsche 911, ChatGPT offers: "The Porsche 911 has remained a popular sports car for over five decades due to its iconic design, impressive handling, and engineering innovations."

Porsche 911s are built with the engine in the rear compartment rather than under the hood. This has been a design choice made by the team for decades and it drastically alters the weight distribution of the vehicle, enhancing the precision driving performance of the 911 as a result. Originally rolled out in 1963, the 911 has grown into an expansive lineup of vehicles that continue to keep Porsche on the minds of performance vehicle enthusiasts everywhere. The 2023 Porsche 911 Carrera (the base model) starts at $107,550. It comes loaded with a twin-turbo 3.0L flat-six engine that produces 379 horsepower (the upgraded GTS model offers 473, for comparison). The 911 utilizes a seven-speed manual transmission in the S and GTS models, and an eight-speed automatic in the rest as standard.

McLaren F1

The final automobile noted in ChatGPT's answer was the McLaren F1: A fine option for the title of best car ever made! "The McLaren F1 is a highly regarded supercar due to its record-breaking top speed, innovative design, and unique central driving position," it noted. The driving position is an innovation that's fully McLaren-style. The company's chief designer, Gordon Murray, has been utilizing innovation within the one-plus-two seating configuration since 1969, and his expertise in this arena shows in the finished product. Drivers lucky enough to get behind the wheel of a McLaren F1 are greeted by something akin to a spaceship rather than a conventional car. Like the 250 GTO, production of the F1 was always limited in number. Built between 1992 and 1998, there were only 106 produced. Each one was customized for the buyer, making every remaining F1 in collections and on the road a special piece of artwork and history. George Harrison of the Beatles owned one, and so does Jay Leno, both renowned car collectors.

The car itself utilizes a 6.1L, 48 valve V-12 engine (a BMW S70/2). The engine's displacement of 6,064 cubic centimeters and produced 627 brake horsepower. A top speed of 242.96 miles per hour and a 0-60 time of 3.1 seconds made the McLaren F1 one of the fastest cars ever produced.