Official OnePlus 11 Concept Shows A Wild Design With Icy Blue Light Strips On The Back

OnePlus is going back to its old ways of making fancy concept phones. The latest in line is the OnePlus 11, which is getting a concept makeover of its own that appears to have been inspired by the cinematic world of "Tron" and its epic light cycles. Dubbed "OnePlus 11 Concept," the concept images show a phone with a blue illuminated ring around the camera, and icy blue veins running across the rear panel as if it's some kind of outrageous liquid coolant system.

OnePlus is no stranger to making wild concept phones. In 2020, the Chinese smartphone maker showcased a OnePlus 8T Concept that had a color-shifting glass pattern at the back. The color-changing film underneath the glass reacted to changes in voltage and changed color with a breathing effect. Before that, OnePlus made a concept phone that used electrochromic glass that rendered the camera lenses invisible. 

The new OnePlus 11 Concept seems like a continuation of that hot design innovation streak.

It's cool, but don't harbor hope

On its official community forum, OnePlus says its upcoming concept phone has "icy blue pipelines running through the entire back," as if the phone has its own blood vessels. These pipelines are nestled inside a glass sheet that is said to have been inspired by the "calm stillness and vast power of a glacial lake." 

The OnePlus 11 Concept will officially be showcased at the Mobile World Congress on February 27. Unfortunately, OnePlus hasn't explained what purpose those blue veins serve, or if they're just an aesthetic makeover.

Just in case you're holding your breath to get your hands on this phone, abandon all hope. OnePlus has historically used these flashy concept phones as a showcase of its engineering capabilities. So far, none of these phones (or these unique visual quirks) have been sold commercially. On the bright side, the company keeps making special edition phones inspired by McLaren engineering, or entertainment properties like "Genshin Impact," "Cyberpunk 2077," and "Star Wars," that are sold to the masses.