5 Luxury Vehicles That Make Up Ryan Reynolds Car Collection

Ryan Reynolds is well known in the world of Hollywood cinema. He got his start in the early 1990s on Canadian soap "Hillside," and soon found fame in the United States, too. In 2002, he took on the titular role of Van Wilder, and then broke through into a blended genre of action-comedy that has seen him take on the comic anti-hero "Deadpool," and star in the totally unique VR world brought to the screen in "Free Guy."

CNBC reports that Ryan Reynolds opened up in 2022 about what drives success for him, noting "we live in a world... [where] we have an instinct to win, crush, and kill. But if you can disengage or disarm that instinct for a second and replace it with seeking to learn about somebody instead, that... has quite literally changed every aspect of my life."

It's perhaps this inquisitive driving force and a magnetic personality that led Reynolds to acquire the Wrexham Association Football Club alongside fellow actor Rob McElhenny in 2020. The duo paid about $2.5 million to acquire the team and have been pouring their time, energy, and financial backing into the club tucked just over the interior British border into North Wales.

All this leads viewers to see a joyous and hard-working entertainer that can surely justify ownership of a collection of truly luxurious automobiles. And, indeed his garage is stocked full of amazing motors.

Lamborghini Aventador

Ryan Reynolds' Lamborghini Aventador is likely his most expensive car. The 2022 model of this luxury auto starts at $507,353. Some online sources note that Reynolds may have purchased the car for himself either in the buildup to the filming of mid-2015's "Self/Less" or around his 37th birthday at the end of 2013. His Lamborghini is a silver convertible that simply must be listed first when considering the actor's luxury cars.

The Lamborghini Aventador packs a wallop under the hood. It comes stock with a 6.5L V12 engine, producing 730 horsepower, allowing the car to rocket up to 60 miles per hour from standstill in a blistering 2.9 seconds. The vehicle also maxes out at 217 miles per hour. 

Car and Driver's take on the 2022 model is full of flair. While noting that the vehicle has next to no storage options, Eric Stafford proclaims: The Lamborghini Aventador is "the definition of a hyper car." New for 2022, the V12 raises the bar to 769 horsepower and utilizes a manual 7-speed transmission. The car (both Reynolds' and the newest models) make entry and exit a thing of style. Lambos have long utilized scissor door construction, and these vehicles sport the classic low-down interiors that are a hallmark of the supercar space.

Cadillac Escalade

Along with a veritable horde of other celebrities including Manny Pacquiao, Ryan Reynolds owns at least two Cadillac Escalades. Reynolds and his wife, Blake Lively, often split time between Los Angeles and New York, and both have been seen routinely getting around town in an Escalade on either side of the country. The standard model Escalades offer 420 horsepower from a 6.2L V8 engine and rear-wheel drive. However, the newest model, the Escalade V adds a supercharged V8 (still at 6.2L) and boosts this engine performance to a stunning 682 horsepower with all-wheel drive.

Power is a natural component in the Cadillac Escalade, but the real draw for celebrity owners is the spacious interior. Escalades provide some of the roomiest and most luxurious inner cabins across virtually any car available. It's for this reason why so many high-end chauffer services use them. For cruising around town between jobs and other responsibilities, the Cadillac Escalade is one of the best options, and it's no wonder that Reynolds has added this reliable workhorse to his garage.

Mercedes-Benz 190 SL

It's clear from Ryan Reynolds' automotive choices that he greatly appreciates a vintage motor as well, and his Mercedes-Benz 190 SL emphasizes this. Mercedes-Benz has been a reliable producer of truly exquisite vehicles for generations, and this model doesn't stray from that grand tradition in any way. Reynolds opted for the 190 SL over the brash and larger 300 SL Gullwing.

Still, this vehicle utilizes beautiful lines across the hood and rear edges to create a vintage classic that still brings joy to owners even today — 60 years after the model left production. His selection of the classic two-seater certainly shows a passion for driving. Mercedes-Benz notes that the 190 SL included a folding soft top convertible roof and "rapidly became one of the most coveted dream cars of its day." 

The model was in production from 1955 until 1963, and there were 25,881 total 190 SLs sold during this time. The 1.9L 4-cylinder engine produced 105 horsepower, and topped out at 105 miles per hour as well. However, when combined with the luxurious interior amenities and the soft top, these propulsion ratings made for some exciting driving.

Triumph Thruxton Motorcycle, customized by Kott Motorcycles

Alongside luxury cars, Ryan Reynolds is also a massive fan of motorcycles. His motorcycle collection is vast, and includes a number of high quality and customized bikes that are perfectly tailored to cruising around town or arriving on the set of a film project in style. One of Reynolds' favorites has to be his Triumph Thruxton:

"When I'm in a car I can't wait to get there; and when I'm on a bike I can't wait to not get there," he said during a Bryan Rowland video documentary of the Thruxton's customization. The crossover between his love of classic British motorcycles and new ownership of a football team in the U.K. makes for a compelling image of the actor's interests across genres. 

His Thruxton is a stripped down bike that doesn't make use of the gaudy engines, stabilization features, or handlebars of other modern motorbikes. Instead, this café racer is simplified to the max. It allows the rider to feel the road and enjoy the ride without modern frills and luxuries. Of course, this is a stylistic choice that some may not care for, and Reynolds himself owns a few other motorcycles that make use of modern amenities.

"There's a spiritual connection to riding a bike. You're at play with the environment: In essence, I think meditating," he tells Rowland, the director of the "Welcome to Wrexham" series. 

It helps, of course, that this particular motorcycle was customized to perfection by Kott Motorcycles. Reynolds' specifications brought a unique color scheme and performance standards to the vehicle. Even though this Triumph is a stripped down vessel of power, it's a luxurious vehicle that Reynolds sees himself owning for the rest of his life.

Triumph Bonneville

It's a difficult challenge to pin down just five luxury vehicles owned by Ryan Reynolds. However, the number five slot has to go to his trusty Triumph Bonneville. The vintage classic was popularized by Steve McQueen's 1963 build that was famously used in the iconic "The Great Escape" chase scene. 

Since then, a legion of Hollywood stars and motorcycle lovers from across all walks of life have owned one of these reliable Triumph steeds. Ryan Reynolds is no different: His Triumph Bonneville has guided him along three road trip tours of the United States, and he has made a variety of customizations and upgrades to the bike.

Reynolds purchased his 2004 Triumph Bonneville shortly after it was released, making it one of the first bikes he purchased in the rapidly skyrocketing arc of his career (at a time when he was appearing in "Blade: Trinity," "Waiting," "Just Friends," and "Smokin' Aces"). Therefore, not only is this addition to his collection a classic automobile, it holds a special place in the actor's heart as he grew up in Hollywood alongside the beautiful piece of machinery.