Tesla Recall 2023: How To See If Your Car Is Affected

Over 360,000 Teslas are facing a recall due to issues with the company's long-awaited self-driving software beta. When issuing the recall, the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) stated that the feature could cause the vehicle to "exceed speed limits, travel through intersections in an unlawful or unpredictable manner, and increases the risk of a crash."

The update rolled out late last year but was implicated in a multi-vehicle pile-up in California just hours after it went live. Campaigners have been calling for the government to legislate against the feature, with one group even spending millions on a Super Bowl ad aimed at highlighting its potential dangers.

A huge range of Tesla models is affected including the 2017 to 2023 Model 3, the 2016 to 2023 Model S, the 2016 to 2023 Model X, and lastly, the 2020 to 2023 Model Y. The recall itself has a pretty simple solution. Tesla will be releasing a free over-the-air update in the coming weeks that should solve some of the problems. But how do you check if your car has been affected by the recall? Well, luckily it isn't too complicated.

How to check if your Tesla has been recalled

While the recall may seem inconvenient, Tesla has made the process pretty simple. Like all other companies, the automaker has to notify you within a set period, so you can expect something in the mail by April 15. If you want to check yourself, all you have to do is go on the company's website and use the VIN Recall Search tool to check if your exact vehicle has been affected by Tesla's latest recall or any other recalls it has issued in the past.

You can find your Tesla's Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) in a few ways. As with all other cars, the VIN is stamped onto several plates and mounted on various points throughout the car. One plate is mounted on the dashboard on the driver's side of the vehicle and can be read through the car's windshield. Another is attached to the bottom of the driver's door pillar and can be viewed when the door is opened. 

Vehicles manufactured in the Tesla Gigafactory in Shanghai also have the VIN stamped into the vehicle's floor. It can be viewed by pushing the car's passenger seat back and lifting the carpet. With cars that are manufactured in the Berlin Gigafactory, this extra label is located under the trim of the rear passenger door sill. You can also just use your car's touchscreen and select "controls," and then "software" to see your vehicle's VIN listed on the screen. If you check your VIN and your car has been recalled, you can book a service appointment online or through the Tesla app. Some recalls are handled via a simple update or involve a company mailing something out, while others will require a trip to the dealership.