Watch The Shocking Moment A Self-Driving Tesla Causes A Huge Crash Injuring 9 People

On paper, Teslas boast many safety features alongside some of the most advanced driver aids available. These aids include things like a full self-driving option, which could prevent accidents by removing factors like human error and a lack of concentration. However, machines can make mistakes, too, as one Tesla driver and nine people behind him recently found out.

Crashes aren't the only thing that has put a question mark on the electric vehicle manufacturer's safety record. There have been many high-profile news stories related to Tesla EVs either exploding or catching fire over the past decade — though data does suggest a Tesla is less likely to go up in flames than a conventional vehicle. 

Then there are recalls related to safety concerns. Again, this isn't exclusive to Teslas. Manufacturers regularly issue recalls relating to faults with airbags, wipers, or even brakes. Many Tesla recalls are also software related, meaning the fix can be as simple as installing an update. While the fix is simple, the consequences of some code going a bit wrong can be dire, as one Tesla owner discovered on Thanksgiving when his car apparently caused a major accident on San Francisco's Bay Bridge.

Tesla allegedly causes eight-car pile up

On Thanksgiving Day 2022, an eight-car pile-up on San Francisco's Bay Bridge left nine people injured. A two-year-old child was amongst those who sustained injuries in the accident. Ken Klippenstein of The Intercept recently obtained footage of the crash that shows the Tesla stopping for no reason before several cars crashed into the back of it.

Since the crash occurred, more details have emerged and the Tesla driver seems to be blaming the vehicle's self-driving function for the accident. Citing a police report, The Intercept claims that the Tesla indicated, braked, and attempted to move into the left lane before the accident happened. The crash also took place only a few hours after Elon Musk announced the Full-Self Driving Beta "is now available to anyone in North America who requests it from the car screen, assuming you have bought this option," before describing it as a "major milestone." 

Tesla does say drivers must have their hands on the wheel and be paying attention while the self-driving mode is active. Failing to follow these instructions can also result in the driver being stopped from activating self-driving mode for the duration of the trip. Like many cruise control systems, it can also be quickly disabled via a tap of the brake or cruise control stalk — or simply by turning the steering wheel. Despite all of that, the accident may be another setback for a concept that has grappled with legal frameworks as much as it's grappled with technology over the past few years.