Why Honda Japan Is Done Selling The New Civic Type R

The Honda Civic Type R is no doubt one of the coolest Hondas in recent memory. It's a 300-plus horsepower Civic with a giant wing on it and that's an easy recipe for tire-shredding fun. In 2017, the United States got to join in on the fun after not having legal access to the Type R for a number of years. There was much rejoicing at its launch in the Land of the Free. 

Nearly six years later, Honda fans in the United States can freely enjoy the Type R and all of its turbocharged goodness if they're willing to deal with the somewhat steep starting MSRP and fight through the dealership process to get their hands on one. It's a relatively straightforward process if you can find one for sale and don't mind paying what is likely to be over sticker price. However, that is not the case for Type R's native Japan. 

Too much demand

According to Honda Japan's site for the Civic Type R, the company has completely suspended future orders for the car. Honda cites the COVID-19 pandemic, semiconductor shortages, and a litany of other supply chain problems as the cause of the production and order stoppage. Honda also wants to ensure that everyone in Japan who already ordered a Type R can get one in a relatively timely manner. Motor1 was able to reach out to a Honda representative who said that the supply chain issue does not have any impact on the United States' allocation of Civic Type-Rs. 

This stoppage echoes Ford's current issues with demand for the Maverick pickup and the F-150 Lightning EV truck in the United States. Ford stopped selling both models after demand went through the ceiling and the company was not able to keep up. The Maverick, F-150 Lightning, and the Type-R all now share the unique attribute of being so immensely popular and in demand that the respective manufacturers cannot possibly keep up with the fanbase.