GM Is Reportedly Planning A Small Electric Pickup With An Unbelievable Price

The new Ford Maverick hybrid surprised the world when it came to market as it was incredibly efficient, capable of getting upwards of 40 miles per gallon thanks to its hybrid drivetrain, and the pickup bed made it very handy. The bed itself was only four feet long, meaning that it couldn't comfortably carry a sheet of drywall or plywood, but it was more than enough for the average person who just wants to tailgate, go camping, or carry furniture around. The Maverick's price was another attractive feature. The 2023 Maverick started at $22,195 without any options, making it the least expensive truck on the market. It's also completely sold out. 

Not to be outdone by the Blue Oval, General Motors wants in on the mini truck market. According to a report by Autoblog, General Motors is trying out a new truck that's not only smaller and less expensive than the Maverick, but it will also be an electric vehicle. 

An EV truck for the mass market

Preliminary reporting by Automotive News shows the still-nameless diminutive truck may also be available as a two-door, a configuration that the Maverick and most other compact trucks like the Hyundai Santa Cruz are not available in. The truck will likely still feature a four-foot bed like other vehicles in the segment.

As of now, no design has been finalized, but it's hypothesized that it may borrow from Chevy's current Montana compact truck that sells in South American markets. The Chevy Bolt has already made waves in that it's not only an EV capable of upwards of 260 miles of range, but it's also one of the least new expensive vehicles on the market. Ford's current F-150 Lightning EV is configured very similarly to an average F-150, and it's priced like it too. Similarly, General Motors knows that Ford can't keep up with the insane demand for both the Maverick and the Lightning. A compact EV truck could be a huge boost to GM's bottom line and widespread EV adoption.