Here's How Long The Battery In A Kia EV6 Will Probably Last

The Kia EV6 is the brand's first real attempt at an electric vehicle. With solid specs and a range of up to 310 miles, the EV6 is a competent car that shows that Kia is serious about future electric vehicles. It also helps that it comes in an aerodynamically (and aesthetically) pleasing package. However, as an electric car, the EV6 is the subject of all typical manner of battery related concerns.

Getting a new powertrain on a traditional gasoline powered car after its operational lifespan can be a financial headache. It's more or less the same when it comes to an electric car. Swapping out the battery or any of the motor components isn't exactly cheap, and it makes sense for potential customers to consider that cost before dropping the cash on a new EV. If a car's battery fails just a few years into ownership, that can spell disaster for the owner's wallet. Fortunately, the Kia EV6's battery has a fairly long estimated lifespan.

The Kia's battery life

Right off the bat, Kia offers a 10-year/100,000-mile warranty for its EV battery. That's right in line with similar battery warranties from Tesla and GM's electric vehicles. Kia typically offers long warranty periods on its models. As for the actual service life of the battery, Kia says: "An average electric car battery will last between 10 and 20 years before needing replacement."

That's quite a wide range, but it makes sense when you consider that every driver will not only drive in a differently, resulting in different battery performance, but different climates and temperatures can have a drastic impact on the overall health of any battery. In addition, the Kia EV6 itself has not been on the market long enough for varying longevity tests to produce enough actionable data. But if the lifespan of up to of 20 years is to be a reality, that would be a serious benefit to EV6 ownership. According to a U.S. Energy Information Administration study from 2017, the average U.S. household kept a car for an average of 10.5 years, meaning that a fair number of owners wouldn't expect see the end of the EV6's battery life anyhow.