Tesla May Soon Get Support For Apple Music

Historically, Tesla owners haven't had too many options to stream music natively from their vehicle. Popular phone pairing services like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay have been noticeably absent from Tesla's (in)famously large, center-mounted infotainment display. 

According to Electrek, streaming services like Spotify and Tidal have been added to the car's OS over the past years, but Spotify itself has mostly taken center stage. While Tesla drivers have long been able to watch Netflix and play video games from the screen of their (thankfully) parked Tesla, they haven't always had too many options when it comes to streaming music. In an EV landscape where most vehicles have the option to mirror phones, Tesla has been obstinate in adding more capability to its proprietary infotainment system.

However, according to some eagle-eyed observers and a report by Electrek, Tesla owners may be getting another streaming option in the future. Tesla may be adding Apple Music.

More streaming options in your Tesla

Museum goers with a keen eye noticed that display vehicles at the new Tesla-centric exhibit at the Peterson Automotive Museum are running Apple Music, software that was previously unavailable.

Electrek reports that while current Tesla owners can't access the app on their own cars, the app seems to be running smoothly on the display vehicles. The app may be coming to every Tesla soon via a software update, something Tesla tends to do around the holidays.

As of now, Tesla has not confirmed or denied the addition of Apple Music — or any other music streaming apps for that manner. The fact that the software is currently running on display vehicles in full view of the public is a pretty good sign that the addition of at least Apple's streaming service may soon be on the horizon. The addition of more features to a famously limited infotainment system is never a bad thing after all.