40% Of People Surveyed Didn't Realize Teslas Have This Hidden Feature - SlashGear Survey

Tesla is the most popular electric car brand in North America, and most people think it makes the most reliable electric vehicles. Besides the company's mission to save the planet using zero-emission vehicles, one of the perks of driving a Tesla is using cool technology. For instance, the Tesla Autopilot software can self-drive your vehicle to a certain degree, although it requires the driver to take back control when necessary. Another cool thing about a Tesla is that you can Smart Summon it, and it will maneuver out of the parking spot to your location with no driver behind the steering wheel.

If you want to have some fun, you can also sing karaoke or watch Netflix on its big touchscreen console. Better yet, you can play video games like "Sonic the Hedgehog" and "Cuphead" in your Tesla — and Elon Musk says Steam is coming, too. However, as much as most people know about Tesla's standard features such as Autopilot and Wi-Fi, there are some hidden features that most people have no clue about. To pinpoint which ones are the least known among the populace, we conducted a survey and identified one feature in particular that few were aware of.

Nearly 40% of people didn't know about Romance Mode

In a SlashGear survey with 611 respondents based in the United States, 39.93% said they had no clue about Tesla's Romance Mode. For those who don't know, Romance Mode is a fun feature that allows you to play a video of a fireplace on the touchscreen with crackling sound effects. It also plays romantic music through the speakers while blowing hot air in the car to set up a romantic mood — this would be ideal if you're on a date in the middle of winter.

In addition to that, 20.13% of the people we surveyed didn't know about the Creep Mode hidden feature that lets you apply torque on your Tesla to slowly move forward or backward. If you want to avoid draining your battery's energy too fast, you could activate the Chill Mode feature for a smoother acceleration — something 15.88% of the surveyed participants didn't know about it.

Did you know you can also tap the fan icon to control the fans? Well, 9.98% of the people we surveyed had no clue they could do that. Similarly, 9.17% didn't know they could open their Tesla charging port door by pressing a button on the actual charger — although you need to unlock your Tesla and put it in Park to do so. The Tesla Sentry Mode that records any threat like a break-in was the most-known hidden feature considering that only 4.91% of the respondents didn't know about it.