Nearly 56% Of People Said This Car Brand Makes The Most Reliable Electric Vehicles

Recent poll results from a survey conducted by SlashGear showed that most people think that when it's time to buy an electric vehicle, Tesla is the most reliable car brand they can trust. Out of 631 people polled in the United States, more than half — close to 56% — said that they could depend on electric vehicles from Tesla the most. A much smaller percentage of readers chose other brands, such as Hyundai, which was a distant second choice at 15%. This was followed by Ford at 12%. Vehicles from other luxury brands, such as BMW at 9%, Mercedes at 6%, and Rivian at nearly 2%, came in last.

The results are not surprising, considering that since 2020, Tesla has been named the world's most valuable automaker with a brand value of $75.9 billion (via BBC and Statista). Here's what Tesla did to make sure its electric cars stand out from the rest.

They target their market in a different way

Despite Tesla being the largest EV maker in the world, it has a unique approach to selling its cars: They spend zero dollars on advertising. CEO Elon Musk spoke on his averseness to spending money on advertising in a 2019 tweet where he said, "Tesla does not advertise or pay for endorsements. Instead, we use that money to make the product great."

They also make their buying process as simple as possible. You don't have to go to a dealership to buy a Tesla model. Instead, if you want to make a purchase, all you have to do is place an order for it on their website. Car and Driver called it a "one-stop-shop experience," and it's one that has enormous appeal for EV owners. By buying it off the internet, you bypass the dealership and choose the vehicle you're interested in. Afterward, you configure it to your specifications, and then have it delivered — without you ever needing to get off your couch.

They treat their cars like a software product

When it comes to software updates, Tesla has always been ahead of the game. The car company features over-the-air upgrades (OTA) you can install yourself, so you don't have to bring the vehicle to a service center. Once you purchase a Tesla vehicle, these updates will occur continually as long as you drive.

These specific upgrades allow you to get new features and additions to enhance your car's performance. You can compare them to software updates that are typically found on Apple or Android devices. Tesla updates typically include improving features such as the backup camera, language support, dashcam viewing, and walkway door-lock functions (via Forbes).

While Tesla is a leader in providing comprehensive software updates, they are not the only EV company to offer them. Auto manufacturers such as Honda, Volvo, and Ford are evolving and also making EVs with OTA support (via Car and Driver).

Customers love Tesla's battery range

Part of Tesla's appeal lies in its battery range. For a long time, buyers have ranked Tesla vehicles as the best electronic vehicles for range. To help Tesla car owners have long battery life, the company has a network of 30,000 Supercharger stations which can add up to 200 miles of range in just 15 minutes.

Also, the company uses more powerful battery technology and is known to take more risks in this field (via The Washington Post). And that's not all. To stay ahead of its competitors, the popular EV brand is working on mass-producing its own batteries that cost less and can make their cars drive longer between charges (via Reuters).

Since the beginning, battery range has always been one of Tesla's strengths. Up until 2021, Business Insider had crowned the Tesla Model S as the best long-range electric vehicle for buyers. Competition in the EV market is stiff, however. The electric-car maker's popular Model S was unseated recently for the first time by newcomer Lucid Air, which offers 520 miles of range compared to 405 miles on the Model S. And they are not the only ones looking to unseat Tesla from the top. Experts predict that in a few years other EV car brands such as Volkswagen will increase production and grab Tesla's top spot.