PS5 Accessories You've Been Missing This Whole Time

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Despite how much time has passed in between now and when the PlayStation 5 originally launched, it's still pretty difficult to get your hands on one. So, if you have a PS5 to call your own, congrats! Now, you can focus on buying accessories and personalizing your current-gen console experience.

There are a ton of different ways to customize your console, and plenty of accessories to choose from. But how do you know what's really worth your money? To be honest, that answer ultimately comes down to personal preference and your budget. Some people might only be able to buy one really awesome accessory, while some might have a healthy savings account just asking to be spent on every PS5 accessory out there. With that said, happy shopping! If you're trying to add something extra to your PS5 console, you're bound to find at least one or two special items on this list.

An extra DualSense controller

Buying an additional DualSense controller should be one of the first things you do after snagging a PlayStation 5. The DualSense controller is easily one of the best controllers ever made, but that's not the only reason you should buy more than one.

For starters, if there's more than one person who regularly plays games in your home, or you frequently have friends over, it makes sense to have a minimum of two DualSense controllers in your possession. This allows you to enjoy two-player games at a moment's notice. Plus, you can potentially assign one controller to each person in a home, which is great if one person is good about keeping their controller charged, and the other person is forgetful.

Even if you live by yourself, or you're the only person in the home who plays games on the PS5, having an extra controller is an easy way to ensure you always have a charged controller ready to go. Just make sure one controller is always plugged into the console. Then, when your controller's battery is low, make a quick swap, and there's practically no time lost.

Finally, you can also use a DualSense controller with your computer if you also play games on Steam or another digital video game distribution service. With two controllers, one can stay at your computer, and one can stay by your PS5.

A second internal M.2 SSD

After waiting a very long time, PlayStation 5 users are finally able to add a second internal M.2 SSD to their new console. When the console was first released, Sony warned users against putting an incompatible SSD card inside the unit and urged people to wait until Sony officially endorsed a storage solution. That info has finally been made public, and users can add much-needed internal storage to their consoles.

To expand your PS5's internal storage, you'll need to purchase an M.2 SSD device with the following:

  • A PCI-Express Gen 4 interface that supports M.2 NVMe SSD

  • 250 gigabytes to 4 terabytes of storage space

  • A sequential read speed of 5,500 megabits per second or faster

  • Certain physical size requirements 

Once you have a second internal M.2 SSD installed, it can be used to download, copy, and launch PS5 and PS4 games, as well as any media apps you use. If you already have an external storage device, it's easy to move games between that device, the PS5's built-in internal storage, and added M.2 SSD storage.

Most internal M.2 SSD options compatible with the PS5 will advertise that fact, but it's always good to verify an SSD's specs against Sony's requirements just in case. It's also worth mentioning that M.2 SATA SSDs are not supported (via PlayStation).

A controller charging station

After buying an extra DualSense controller, a charging station is one of the best official PlayStation 5 accessories you can get. If you have a Nintendo Switch, or at least know how it charges in the dock, this charging station functions similarly. Each controller hooks into one of two slots and instantly starts charging — as long as the charging station is plugged into the wall, of course.

Instead of using a USB-A to USB-C cable between your console and your DualSense controller, the charging station uses the controller's built-in charging terminals below the microphone mute button. This both frees up USB ports on your PS5 console, and eliminates messy cables from your setup.

It's also much easier to fit a controller into the charging station than it is to grab a cable and plug it in. And that's if there's a charging cable there in the first place, and you don't have to search your house to find one.

A media remote

The PS5 media remote is one of those accessories that you'll love if you use your console to stream content. If you never use your PlayStation 5 to watch the latest shows on Netflix or listen to music on Spotify, you'll probably find the media remote pointless.

For $30, the media remote is one of Sony's more affordable accessories for the console. Because it's an official PS5 accessory, there's absolutely no hassle in getting it connected to your console and ready to use.

There are four dedicated app buttons on the remote, so you're in luck if you frequently use Disney+, Netflix, YouTube, or Spotify. As of right now, you can't reprogram these buttons, so if you use another streaming service more often, these buttons will be useless to you.

However, the rest of the media remote's buttons still make it a worthwhile investment so you don't have to try to navigate with the DualSense's controls. It has all the classic media playback buttons, including play/pause, rewind, and fast forward, as well as volume controls that work with your TV through a built-in IR transmitter.

A custom DualSense controller

If you have some extra money to spend, creating a custom DualSense controller is the perfect way to personalize your gaming setup. Even though the original DualSense and its boldly-colored successors look pretty sweet, a custom controller just looks so much better because it reflects your personality.

Through Aimcontrollers' website, you can customize so much more than just the look of your individualized controller. You can add custom paddles to the back of a controller that contain four programmable buttons. There's also the option of adding smart triggers and bumpers, digital buttons that replace the existing rubber membrane mechanism, aim sticks of a different height, and a comfortable grip material on the back of the controller.

Of course, the design is important, too. After all, you'll spend a ton of hours staring at your DualSense controller, patting yourself on the back for how awesome it looks. With all of Aimcontrollers' possible customizations, there are over 100,000 unique combinations. You can customize the color and design of the main front panel, the trim, the D-pad on the left, the action buttons on the right, and the base color for the left and right sticks.

A racing wheel

This is another one of those items that's extremely useful for some gamers, but not for everyone. Logitech's G29 racing wheel makes playing games like "Gran Turismo" much more immersive and exciting, not to mention easier to play.

It is a pretty pricey investment at nearly $400, but if racing games are your jam, it's worth it. The wheel itself is covered with hand-stitched leather and has a rotation of 900 degrees, lock-to-lock. It's also equipped with dual-motor force feedback, which means you'll feel every terrain change, and there are solid steel ball bearings in the wheel shaft that add extra weight and durability.

Then, a racing wheel isn't complete without some floor pedals. With an integrated throttle, brake, and clutch pedals, you'll feel like you're actually in a car when you accelerate, brake, or change gears. Plus, you can mount the wheel securely to a table or a racing rig via built-in clamps or screw mounting points. This means you can be as aggressive as you want while driving without having to worry about your wheel moving.

A controller skin

If you want a DualSense controller with a unique look, but can't afford to purchase a customized one, try out a controller skin instead. A quick look at MightySkins' website shows that having a beautiful PlayStation 5 controller doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. Most of the available skins are around $13, and for only four extra bucks, you can design a custom look.

There are so many great designs to choose from, whether you're looking for something edgy, artistic, modern, or simple. You can filter designs by a specific artist, your favorite color, or by design and category.

You can also buy a skin for your PS5 console. Most of the DualSense controller skins have a matching skin for the console, whether you own the disk version or the digital version. When your console and your controller match, it looks like you purchased a special limited edition version of the system.

The skin is made of 3M vinyl laminate with air-release technology to prevent air bubbles. It's a peel-and-stick installation process, and super easy to remove if you ever want to swap it for a new look or sell your system in the future. While the skin is on your controller or your console, it provides an extra layer of protection against scratches.

A set of console plates

If you don't like the look of a peel-and-stick skin on your console, you could upgrade the PS5's look with a set of console plates. At long last, Sony finally released unique PS5 covers with matching DualSense controllers. These official covers look and function just like the original white covers, only with bold colors: Nova Pink, Starlight Blue, Galactic Purple, Cosmic Red, and Midnight Black.

But if you want another option, check out the cover options from Dbrand. This is the company that Sony threatened to sue for offering console plates in a different color shortly after the PlayStation 5 hit the market. After facing a legal battle, Dbrand altered the design of their console plates, and released the new and improved version as Darkplates 2.0 (via PC Mag).

The Darkplates 2.0 feature a curved design that aligns with the middle portion of the console, producing a more streamlined look. Its best feature is easily the added vents to improve airflow and keep your console cool during long gaming sessions. You can choose between Matte Black, Retro Gray, and Classic White colors for your cover plates.

Then, you can add a peel-and-stick skin for the center portion in the same colors, as well as a Robot Camo option and a Triple Black Icon option. For some extra fun, you can order an LED light strip to go on either side of your console.

An external storage drive

While adding an internal M.2 SSD to your PlayStation 5 is the cleanest solution to getting extra storage, it's pretty expensive. It's not necessarily affordable to purchase an external SSD of the same size, but it is cheaper than an internal SSD. Plus, it's easier to find another use for an external SSD than an internal SSD, if you ever sell your console.

If you can afford both an internal M.2 SSD and an external SSD, you'd probably have more storage than you'd ever need. But hey, that just means you'll never have to figure out which game to uninstall to make room for something new. Just know that only an internal M.2 SSD that fits Sony's requirements is able to play PS5 games, while an external SSD is only able to run PS4 games. You can, however, use the external drive to store both PS4 and PS5 games.

A PSVR 2 headset

VR capability is one feature that might set the PlayStation 5 ahead of its peers. While the technology is and will never be for everyone, the original PSVR produced enough returns for Sony to merit a sequel: the PSVR 2. Sony's latest VR headset hit shelves on February 22, 2023, and represents a significant upgrade over its predecessor. The headset's 2000x2040 pixel OLED panels help represent a quality graphical upgrade and gamers will also be pleased to know Sony's newest headset has a 120hz refresh rate, causing objects and set pieces to appear more lifelike than ever.

The game library is constantly evolving, with several quality titles having already found their way into the hands of consumers. "Gran Turismo 7" and "Call of the Mountain" are just two examples of titles that will are likely to wow gamers who are fans of VR technology thanks to their impressive visuals and gameplay. "Star Wars: Tales From the Galaxy's Edge Enhanced Edition" should also help drive headset sales, and "Resident Evil Village" gives players a way to experience one of the all-time great horror franchises like never before. "Creed: Rise to Glory" meanwhile took over the top spot on the headset's download chart in April 2023. Anyone who has the money to spare should not rule out the PSVR 2. The headset is currently retailing for $549.

A pair of quality headphones

Sony specifically designed the Pulse headphones for the PlayStation 5, and while they're not bad, they're not the best. There are better headphones out there for the same price, and if you're willing to spend a little bit more, you can snag a pair with truly exceptional audio quality. It's worth investing in a better pair of headphones, especially when they can also be used with your smartphone in addition to your computer and your console.

The Arctis 7P+ headphones from SteelSeries are a fantastic option that's also relatively affordable. With their white, blue, and black aesthetic, they fit in perfectly with the PS5's design. Unlike Sony's Pulse headphones, SteelSeries' Arctis 7P+ headphones are compatible with PC and Mac computers, Android phones, and the Nintendo Switch in addition to the PS5 and PS4 consoles.

While they don't have Bluetooth capabilities, they do support USB-RF to make your experience wireless. With your PS5 console and your computer, you can use the USB-A adapter, and then swap to the USB-C dongle when using the headphones with your smartphone or your Switch. The Arctis 7P+ headphones have a wireless range of 40 feet and a frequency response between 20 and 20,000 hertz.

Anyone who plays games knows how easy it is to get sucked into a long session, so the 30-hour battery life on these headphones is incredibly useful. This means you don't even have to worry if you forget to charge them in between gaming sessions. That is, unless your gaming sessions typically last 30 hours. Plus, a 15-minute charge gives you three hours' worth of battery, just in case you run out on the fly.

A PS5 HD Camera

One of the appeals of buying a PlayStation 5 is pairing it with other premium accessories Sony has to offer, which to some will lend itself to an optimal gaming experience. For those on the hunt specifically for Sony accessories, the PS5 HD Camera could be a worthy purchase. While the PS5 is capable of handling streaming and recording on its own, those looking to record themselves and their reactions while they game should get a lot of mileage out of this camera. Though the camera has the PlayStation logo on its side, its primary function is simply to broadcast those looking to stream on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch.

The camera is simple in its plug-and-play nature and should pay immediate dividends straight out of the box. It also comes with a stand that allows gamers to attach it to their televisions, monitors, and media stands, so the additional purchase of a tripod will not be necessary. As for its specs, the PS5 HD Camera holds up by capturing video at 1080p thanks to a pair of wide-angle lenses that represent a significant upgrade on the PS4 camera's 800p resolution. The camera also has other features that should justify the purchase, such as a background removal tool and integrated audio. The camera can be found at most retailers in the $50-$60 price range.

A Victrix Pro FS controller

While 2D fighters are perhaps more commonly associated with arcade cabinets or one of the PlayStation 5's predecessors, those looking for a more nostalgic, authentic experience in the arcade should take a long look at the Victrix Pro FS. The gamepad features a sleek white or purple look that helps it stand out from other fight sticks while providing users with everything they could possibly ask for from such a controller. The shell is made from a single piece of aircraft-grade aluminum, making the fight stick as drop-proof and durable as can be. The pad has eight buttons to assist gamers with their favorite fighting game combos, and its low latency means there should not be any noticeable input lag or delay in commands. The joystick is equally as responsive, colored black to match the buttons.

The Sanwa joystick and buttons are considered the standard in high-quality Japanese arcade and commercial joystick controller parts, so consumers can expect an authentic experience. The buttons can handle the mashing that most 2D fighters demand and a detachable joystick means gamers will have no problem taking their new gamepad on the go. The Victrix Pro FS is currently retailing for around $400, but while the price comes at a premium, those looking to invest in a new fight stick specifically tailored to the PlayStation 5 can expect a premium experience in kind.

A DualSense Edge controller

Most PlayStation 5 owners are going to want to invest in a second controller at some point, whether it is to serve as a backup or replacement for their original controller or as a second controller to facilitate local multiplayer. When the time comes to buy a second controller, hardcore players should think about getting Sony's own DualSense Edge, one of the top custom controllers on the market. The controller comes with plenty of options for users to fine-tune and customize their gaming experience to their liking. Those not a fan of the stock analog joysticks can use DualSense Edge's convex sticks for more of a grip. Additionally, the controller's customizable nature ultimately makes it immune to controller drift which has plagued even some of the best controllers on the market.

The DualSense Edge's design itself is not too different from the stock PS5 controller, with colorations on its trackpad and buttons that give it a more distinct look. The controller also adds a few buttons that provide gamers with quality-of-life improvements. Such improvements include an audio slider and a controller profile swap. Since every button on the controller is remappable and sensitivity adjustable, users can switch between different configurations with ease. Sony's DualSense Edge controller can be purchased from most retailers for around $200 and might just provide the necessary "edge" for gamers in their favorite PS5 games.

A Backbone One controller

The Backbone One may not be a mandatory purchase for all PlayStation 5 owners, but those looking to take advantage of remote play might want to give the PS5 model a look. The Backbone One is a portable, detachable gaming device for smartphones that adds physical controller buttons, triggers, and a comfortable grip to those looking to not only play mobile games, but play their favorite PS5 games using PS Remote Play. Remote Play allows players to stream their games to their phone and play games in other rooms and areas as if they are in front of their console and television. The Backbone One's design further authenticates the experience with the look and feel of an actual PS5 controller.

The Backbone One features a compact design that supports all must-haves of popular controllers on the market. Low-latency connection, handheld comfort, and the ability to capture game clips and screenshots are all features of the add-on. The controller also has a mute button and a button for the Backbone One app that is a necessity for firmware updates, joystick calibration, and button mapping. The PS5 version of the Backbone One can currently be had for around $100, and membership to Backbone+ costs less than $5 per month.

A HexGaming Rival controller

The HexGaming Rival serves as another alternative to the traditional PlayStation DualSense controller that is more customizable cosmetically as well as integrally. The controller comes with trigger locks that will allow fans of shooter games to fire quicker on their opponents with increased sensitivity. Unlike its competitors, the HexGaming Rival also includes a pair of paddles on the underbelly of the controller. These paddles are remappable to any button on the controller and could provide additional use for certain games, namely shooter games where they are able to better simulate the trigger on a gun in relation to where it sits on the controller's handles. The controller's rubber grip also gives it an edge over some of its competitors, making it more resistant to sweat. For these reasons, this controller is an optimal device for those involved with esports.

The most accessible feature casual gamers might find with this controller is the customizable nature of the outer shell. The controller has a host of different re-skin options, allowing gamers to not only have their desired color of controller, but also the option to change it if they feel so inclined. The product also comes with swappable analog sticks, much like the DualSense Edge. The HexGaming Rival can currently be had for $179.99 on the controller's official website.

A SCUF Reflex Pro controller

Another premium controller that could pique the interest of hardcore PlayStation 5 gamers is the SCUF Reflex Pro. The Reflex Pro doubles down on improved reaction times and controller latency. Additionally, everything about the controller is customizable. While the HexGaming Rival features two mappable paddles, the Reflex Pro has four, giving added options to those who wish to take advantage. The orange rings around the analog sticks give the default controller a distinct look that sets it apart in an increasingly saturated premium controller market and a non-slip performance grip adds comfort to what is already a premium offering from SCUF.

The manner in which the controller plays is not the only customizable aspect of it. SCUF offers several options for gamers to trade out their faceplates, buttons, paddles, and analog sticks for different colors and designs to suit their preferences. As a result, there is a shortage of combinations one can come up with when designing the controller of their dreams. Consumers might also be interested to know that SCUF is the official partner of several esports teams and leagues such as the CDL and NBA 2K League. The Reflex Pro can currently be purchased for $219.99 on the controller's official website.