DualSense Edge Features That Will Change How You Game On PS5

Although you may not think that controllers are that big a deal, a console's primary gamepad can make or break a console. The very best consoles often have great controllers that combine style, durability, and functionality to make playing games as enjoyable as possible. The PlayStation 5's controller — known as the DualSense — is an evolution of the DualShock gamepad that was first introduced in 1997. It includes several useful features that make it one of the most advanced controllers ever made, such as haptic feedback delivered through its adaptive triggers.

Still, even though the DualSense is already a very good controller, it is by no means perfect. There's plenty of room for improvement and some fans have voiced concerns about its lack of certain features, especially compared to Microsoft's excellent Xbox Elite Controller. For those who don't want to rely on a third-party controller, Sony has now launched the DualSense Edge, an upgraded version that comes with many new features. Here is how those new capabilities will change how you game on the PS5.

The high dome caps allow for more accurate movement and aiming

Sony has included three different caps for the thumbstick on the DualSense Edge. These are standard, low, and high dome variants, which can be placed on top of the thumbsticks to add a higher degree of movement, allowing for more precise input when exactness is necessary.

Modified caps have become a popular gaming accessory, especially for professional gamers and streamers. They can provide an advantage when it comes to precise aiming or delicate movement and allow users to fine-tune their reactions more efficiently to whatever style they prefer to play. For instance, if you prefer using long-range weapons to land accurate shots, a higher cap gives better control, whereas close-range combatants might benefit from the faster response time of shorter caps.

These attachments also help to stop wear and tear on the controller's thumbsticks and can make a controller more comfortable to hold over longer periods of time. In this sense, the DualSense Edge might not neccesarily make you a better player — but it could make gaming on the PS5 a more pleasant experience and get rid of the potential for cramping by providing a more ergonomic shape.

Deadzone adjustments of the triggers and thumbsticks

Deadzone is a term that refers to the starting sensitivity of triggers and thumbsticks. The higher a deadzone setting is, the more movement will be necessary for the controller to register the input. For many people, this might not seem like something that is all that important, but it can have a significant effect on the gaming experience. For example, a higher setting will mean that players are less likely to accidentally move or fire a weapon, while a lower deadzone is best for when quick reactions are necessary, as even the slightest touches will transfer directly to the game.

Changing the deadzones of the triggers could be useful for racing games like "Gran Turismo 7" by giving players the option to better align their individual braking and acceleration preferences while keeping the travel distance of the triggers the same. Ultimately, these settings can mean the difference between the brakes being too sensitive when cornering or mistakenly accelerating at the wrong moment. All of these options can be altered in the main menu of the console's operating system.

Quick-swapping allows you to switch between different profiles mid-game

The DualSense Edge comes with a lot of different options and settings that can be highly customized. Of course, different types of games may require different settings, and each player will likely have their own set of distinctive preferences that not everyone will want to use. Thankfully, the new controller comes with two new handy function buttons, or Fn buttons, that are located directly beneath the analog sticks. These new buttons are a key part of making the DualSense Edge such a great purchase, as it allows for quick switching between a variety of different profiles.

By pressing either Fn button, players can edit, save, and swap between up to 30 profiles that control of a wide variety of settings, including the sensitivity of individual control sticks and trigger deadzones. Having these profiles available under the Fn buttons means they can even be utilized mid-game rather than having to head back to the dashboard of the console or access a settings screen. Each profile can also be named to ensure that users know exactly what options they are selecting when switching to a new profile. These buttons also perform some extra functions and can change the volume of a game or adjust the chat balance.

Trigger stops let users adjust their triggers on the fly

A particularly interesting feature that the DualSense Edge has that many of its competitors do not is the ability to quickly set trigger stops. The advanced gamepad has a slider located on the back of the controller that has three adjustable positions and will stop the trigger from being fully pressed. For each level of the trigger stop, the travel distance of the trigger is reduced. What that means for gamers is that setting the trigger stops to their highest setting will allow for much faster response times, effectively turning them into inputs that better resemble face buttons than traditional triggers.

This can improve the experience of playing certain types of games immensely. By dramatically lowering the time it takes to register an input on the trigger, the response time of actions is also decreased. In fast-paced shooters or games that require quick reflexes, this could prove vital to getting an advantage. Of course, the trigger stops are also useful for limiting the amount of motion needed to activate the trigger, possibly relieving fatigue as users will exert less effort.

Customizable back paddles give you more options

The DualSense Edge also comes with back paddles, which are programmable buttons that can be mapped to any function — even basic controls such as jumping and melee attacks. This can be particularly useful in fast-paced games as it means players don't have to take their thumbs off the analog sticks to press the face buttons, and can instead use their index fingers. These advantages mean that the back paddles make playing a wide variety of games more efficient and easier to control.

Another big plus point with the back paddles is that they attach magnetically, meaning they can quickly be attached or removed at a moment's notice. The paddles also come in two varieties, longer and shorter options that can be used interchangeably. Sadly, the DualSense Edge only comes with two back paddles while Microsoft's Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 is designed to work with four. Still, they have a lot to offer and can change the experience of playing certain games signficantly.

Modular parts can be swapped out without replacing the controller

Joystick drift is a common problem that has affected controllers for every major modern console. Unfortunately, it is also something that the PS5's DualSense gamepad also suffers from, as owners of the console have reported experiencing drift pretty early into the lifespan of the system. Usually caused by dirt or dust getting under the analog stick, the problem causes the PS5 to register input movement when there shouldn't be any. With no way to reliably fix the issue, the only solution up until now has been to replace the entire gamepad.

Things have changed with the DualSense Edge, which sports a modular design that allows for individual parts to be swapped out and replaced. This is as easy as holding down a release toggle and then clipping off the front board, which releases the thumbsticks as well as other parts. With replacement analog sticks costing just $20, this represents a significant saving if these individual parts are replaced rather than the entire controller.

This would not be the case if a user opted to buy a standard DualSense controller rather than a brand-new DualSense Edge. Since joystick drift is likely to happen eventually, especially for those who play games more frequently or have young kids who might be more likely to get dirt into the analog sticks, the ability to replace individual components easily could prove an important feature.

Remappable buttons make the PS5 more accessible than ever

Arguably the most important feature of the DualSense Edge is that almost every button on the controller can be remapped. This is something that PC players have been able to do for many years and opens up the possibility of gamers being able to fully customize their controller on the PS5. This allows anyone on the console to tailor the DualSense Edge to their tastes, changing the face buttons to better suit an individual's play style.

Button mapping has another important use — it can make gaming on the PS5 more accessible for those who may find it hard to use a standard controller. For instance, players with physical disabilities may have difficulty playing certain games if specific actions are tied to buttons they cannot easily reach. While some specialist equipment exists that can help with this, such as Microsoft's celebrated adaptive controller, remappable buttons on a controller can be a huge help to make gaming more comfortable for everyone. 

Any move that opens up the world of video games to a wider audience and makes them more inclusive is undoubtedly a step in the right direction. For this reason alone, DualSense Edge will help plenty of people enjoy the PlayStation 5 experience in a whole new way.

New grips help prevent slipping

The original DualSense controller included with the release of the PS5 may be a nice piece of equipment, but it does have some faults. One of the leading complaints among PlayStation 5 owners is that the gamepad can simply feel weird to hold. Many have also protested that the thumbsticks and back of the controller can be slippy, making it difficult to use the controller for extended periods of time when hands are likely to become sweaty.

The DualSense Edge combats this by swapping out the material used for the thumbsticks and exchanging the exterior plastic for inner grips that are made of rubber. The DualSense Edge has drawn praise from critics for its sturdier construction, and the rubber grips offer a much more satisfying and solid hold. 

All in all, gamers can expect to keep their grip on the DualSense Edge without any slipping, even when engaged in tense online matches or while playing terrifying horror games — both of which can lead to excess moisture in the hands, ruining the experience.

Comes with a cable lock

The PS5 already comes with a handy advantage over its main competitor the Xbox Series X because the original DualSense has a built-in battery, unlike the Xbox controller that requires AA batteries or a separately bought rechargeable pack. While there are issues with the life of the DualSense's battery, it is generally seen as a positive that it doesn't rely on users buying additional batteries. However, this means that gamers will occasionally need to play with the charging cable connected to the controller, effectively making it a wired controller during that time.

Having the cable removed when playing can be an issue as it may mean the controller will lose power and turn off, something that everyone playing online multiplayer matches wants to avoid. Thankfully, the DualSense Edge comes with a solution to that problem. The controller features the same braided USB-C charging cable that PS5 owners will be familiar with but also features a cable lock. This will trap the cable in place and make it much harder for it to accidentally be removed. 

While it is true that this makes the charging wire a little clunkier, the trade-off is that your controller will not suddenly be disconnected from the PS5 — which is definitely worth it for most competitive gamers.

An included carry case lets you safely take the DualSense Edge on the go

Anyone who buys a DualSense Edge will get a stylish white carrying case. Although a carrying case may not sound like a game-changing addition, it does have some useful benefits that will make owners happy they have it. First, it is a handy way to store all of the various accessories and parts that come with the DualSense Edge. Considering there are a variety of paddles, buttons, and thumbstick dome caps, it would be easy to misplace these items if they weren't kept in a secure location. The included carrying case can safely hold them all, along with the braided charging cable, lock, and the DualSense Edge itself.

The second major advantage of the carrying case is that it makes it far easier to take your DualSense Edge with you. If you ever plan on going to a friend's house or visiting family and know they have a PS5 that you will use, the carrying case will give you a convenient way to take your DualSense Edge and its attachments without exposing them to dirt or the elements. This should ensure the gamepad lasts longer and doesn't suffer any damage when being transported. As an added bonus, the DualSense Edge can even be charged up while it is in the case using a standard USB charging cable.