The Last Of Us Director Had A Heartfelt Response To The GTA 6 Leaks

When it comes to art, whatever form it may take, having it debut in public before it's ready can feel tragic to those who put in so much work to create it. Video games are no exception, as teams of people often spend years crafting titles that, hopefully, will keep players entertained for hundreds of hours or more. When a game is revealed before it is ready, players are seeing an imperfect version of it, one that will likely receive quite a bit of polish before its final release, which may also feature some big changes compared to leaked variants.

In light of that, it's no surprise some people in the video game industry are more or less grieving the massive early leak of the upcoming "Grand Theft Auto VI" game, which has been revealed in more than 90 video clips. The videos range from very short to somewhat lengthy, giving players their first look at the fabled female main character option — who we now know is named Lucia — as well as which city the title is set in, some of the vehicle mechanics that may be made available to players, audio clips, and even the messaging system featured within the "GTA 6" universe.

Druckmann reminds developers that things will get better

Naughty Dog's Neil Druckmann, director of the massively popular game series "The Last of Us," took to Twitter soon after the "GTA 6" leak to express a heartful message about the matter, addressing those in the video game industry specifically. He offers the developers who were impacted by this leak the reassurance that even if the current happenings feel "overwhelming," they should keep in mind that "it'll pass." Not only that, but Druckmann reminds the developers that the leak may be a big deal right now, but it won't be too long before the game is released and fans will get to experience the final product for themselves, leaving the premature video clips and other materials behind for good.

It's easy to see why the current leak has received so much attention — it is arguably the largest of its kind to affect an upcoming major video game, and it may not be over yet. The leaker, who published the content with a GTA Forum post, indicates that he has other additional content from the project, including everything from game assets to a test build. He goes on to say that he may release it in the future, but whether that'll pan out is yet to be seen.

The leaked material amounts to more than 10 minutes of footage, though many clips aren't the greatest quality, and all of them feature dev content ranging from game code elements to full debugging menus, animation rigging, motion tracking guides, and similar elements. Despite their rough nature, the videos still reveal quite a bit of information about the title, including the city where it'll be located.