GTA 6 Will Apparently Give Fans A Lot More Car Customization Options

Details about the leaked upcoming game "Grand Theft Auto VI" (also called "GTA 6") keep rolling in — including, in this case, information about the car customization options. Vehicles have an important role in the "GTA" universe and are one of the big ways players can roam around wreaking havoc on the city — in fact, one of the leaked video clips from the game features the main character Lucia hijacking a police cruiser after holding up a diner, then taking off and crashing into a wall in the process.

By the looks of it, nothing about that core nature of the game will be changing, but players apparently will get some big car customization options, at least based on some of the dozens of leaked videos that appeared on a forum on September 18. At this time, it looks like the game will be set in Vice City once again, as evidenced by multiple instances of the name appearing in the clips — though, compared to the 2002 "Vice City" entry in the "Grand Theft Auto" franchise, this version looks far more modern with improved graphics and gameplay. 

Players may be able to adjust car features

Compared to the vehicles featured in select other "GTA" installments, some of the leaked videos reveal that cars in "GTA 6" will likely offer players more customization options. We get to see one of the main characters get behind the wheel of a vehicle, the car's interior in plain view with adjustable elements. Another video shows a car's cabin from a different angle while the person testing the scene adjusts the seat, revealing not only the customization option but also the attention to detail given to vehicle interiors this time around.

The driver's seat can have its height increased and decreased, plus it has a reclining option. A debugging element visible within this leaked clip indicates other aspects of the vehicles will also be customizable, including the front and rear suspension. The player will, it seems, be able to pop the hood and trunk, control the windows, and adjust other elements merely categorized as "misc," which seems to include the sun visors. Yet another leaked clip reveals a different debugging menu and scene rendered from the driver's seat. In that menu, we see other elements within the car that can be adjusted, including the mirrors, armrests, brake, clutch, gas, and steering column. The menu indicates players will be able to engage the parking brake and open the glovebox, too.

Unfortunately, the leak doesn't bring us any closer to a release date for "Grand Theft Auto VI," which isn't expected to hit the market for at least a couple of years. Rockstar Games, the company behind the hit game franchise, announced official plans to make a sixth major installment in February 2022.