Zoom backgrounds for video calls: The top 5 searches of Spring 2020

Today we're taking a peek at the top 5 Zoom Background searches of the Spring of 2020, starting in April and moving on into May. That includes Easter, birthdays, and some results that weren't exactly safe for work – so we're going to focus on what's more likely to stick around for the long haul. This list includes mostly backgrounds from mockumentary-style television shows – who could have guessed?

Last month we took a peek at the growing interest the stay-at-home office crowd was showing with official Star Wars backgrounds as well as a look at how Zoom backgrounds work. We also ran down some other examples that turned out to be some of the most-searched background search terms over the last few weeks – take a peek below.

5. "Seinfeld set"

Even after over two decades of the show's final episode's original airing, the Seinfeld show remains shockingly popular... among people looking for Zoom backgrounds here in 2020, anyway. Take a peek at the most obvious choice for an online meeting background in the show's most-used set right here.

4. Parks & Recreation ("Parks and Rec")

What better way to celebrate the Parks & Recreation reunion and/or Social Distancing Special than to use some familiar backgrounds from the original show? Leslie Knope, Ron Swanson, and the rest are up in here. NOTE: Above and below we've flipped the backgrounds backward because Zoom flips them back the other way around – if they change the way they operate, you'll need to flip again too!

Or perhaps you're all about the TV show Community, instead. You really need those meetings to pop, POP... If you know what I mean. The Community backgrounds for zoom collection wasn't in the top 5 searches for Spring, but... they're excellent enough to include here anyway.

3. "Simpsons Couch"

The Simpsons – or more specifically, the Simpsons Couch – has been a very popular search in the past week or two. Below we've included a set of couch images, both empty and full, cartoony and realistic. Pick your poison! Also included: Moe's Tavern!

2. Star Wars

The folks behind the Star Wars online presence know what they were doing when they released a giant pack of backgrounds for zoom. The official Star Wars backgrounds for Zoom post has been one of the most-visited sets of images in the past month – it's crazy! Take a peek at the original article or tap the "how to Zoom" article link above to see the full gallery.

1. The Office

One of the most popular television shows of all time, and certainly one of the most-watched television shows in the streaming age: The Office. Here the mockumentary-style comedy TV show was born – in the UK with the limited series The Office. The genre was expanded upon and perfected in The Office as it appeared in the USA.

The iconic imagery in the shows many personal interviews are what people are searching for, here. So we've got the Michael Scott CEO office, the meeting room background, and even a slightly blurry break room!