Zelda 3DS special edition set for USA release

It is finally time all you lovers of the Zelda series who've put off picking up a Nintendo 3DS for long enough, time for the Zelda 25th Anniversary 3DS to hit US shores, complete with black casing, gold accents, and Ocaria of Time 3D right there in the box. Thus far the rumors have been that this would only be an international release – and indeed up until now you'd have had to think about importing one later this month here to the USA, but what we're hearing today is that both Best Buy and GameStop will be carrying the package come Black Friday. That's the 25th of November, next week, if you're keeping track, and we're guessing you'll want to get to the store rather early the day before and tent up if you plan on being there in time to grab one.

It's pretty clear that Nintendo doesn't intend of following Don Reisinger's advice any time soon in getting out of the portables market, especially since against what we were hearing back in the first few months after release about terrible sales, Nintendo is indeed doing fairly well with this handset. Nintendo has reportedly moved 50 million DS units since launch and doesn't intend on stopping there. This became quite clear all the way back in June when during E3 Nintendo had a Zelda extravaganza, this leading up to the device you see before you – golden!

The Hyrule emblem and gold-colored embellishments mark the device that celebrates the fully remastered Nintendo 64 classic: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, now in 3D just for the 3DS. Also inside the box is a special double-sided sleeve with the classic game design one side and a limited edition gold-colored sleeve on the other. For those of you that've only played this game on the Nintendo 64, you'll be in for a surprise as the controls have been altered to work with the Nintendo 3DS, and since you're now also in a 3D environment, it's a whole new world!

Get pumped up about the gold and grab it next week!

[via Kotaku]