Zacoe BMW M8 Gran Coupe gives 612hp GT a boy-racer vibe

Without question, the BMW M8 Gran Coupe is a formidable sport-luxury touring machine, most especially in Competition guise. But if you think the styling of your M8 Gran Coupe is too mild for your exotic palate, Australian tuning company Zacoe has the proper antidote to cure your boredom.

Zacoe's body kit for the BMW M8 Gran Coupe is a cacophony of carbon-fiber goodness. It starts with a new front bumper with a bespoke spoiler lip and bulgier endplates. Also included are wider side skirts and carbon fiber air vents behind the front fenders.

Most of the changes are more evident at the rear, with Zacoe's humongous carbon-fiber wing taking center stage, resembling something you'll find in the back of racing cars and track-honed machines like the BMW M4 GTS and, more recently, in the M4 GT3. Zacoe will happily swap a more subdued ducktail rear wing if you think the racing wing is too distasteful for the purpose.

Also present is a more prominent rear diffuser with three vertical fins and a quad exhaust system, with the whole package sticking out of the back like in a genuine racing car. The appearance package includes a set of black wheels shod in sticky high-performance rubber for better traction and grip.

We've all seen the Alpina B8 Gran Coupe, Buchloe's version of the four-door 8-Series equipped with a mild styling changes and a 612-horsepower 4.4-liter bi-turbo V8 engine, 12 more horses (and more torques) than in a stock M8 Gran Coupe. However, Zacoe chose not to tinker with the engine, a brilliant decision given the M8 has more than enough power to make your head spin.

The Zacoe carbon-fiber body kit is ideal for the 8-Series two-door coupe and convertible and the M8 Gran Coupe and Competition models. The tuning firm has a wide array of body kits for most modern BMWs, including the F87 M2, M3/M4, X6, and X7. Pricing remains forthcoming, but you can contact Zacoe directly to learn more.