XPERIA Z appears at FCC with T-Mobile LTE compatibility

The Sony XPERIA Z has already seen a release of sorts in the USA with the variant by the name of XPERIA ZL, but that's not stopping the company from pushing a T-Mobile Z, it seems. An FCC listing appearing this week shows the original XPERIA Z coming up T-Mobile with 4G LTE abilities that match the carrier perfectly. This release would put Sony in a strange place as the XPERIA ZL is what was assumed to be the hero iteration of the device in the states earlier this year.

With the release of an XPERIA Z for T-Mobile, this would be another rare push by Sony to have a smartphone on a carrier with a contract here in the USA. Generally an XPERIA device will be released in the states off-contract only, allowing users to choose their carrier and their data plan without contractual obligations as such.

If the Sony XPERIA Z is released to T-Mobile in the near future, it'll be put in indirect competition with the XPERIA ZL and direct competition with the Samsung GALAXY S 4 as well as the HTC One, both of which are being carried by T-Mobile this spring and summer. Sony's hero efforts will need, therefor, a price point that's less or equal to what these devices offer at least due to the much more active advertising efforts of the competition.

Have a peek at SlashGear's review of the Sony XPERIA Z as it exists internationally, and stay tuned as we review the Sony XPERIA ZL for the USA as well. It'll be up to you, if you're Sony-addicted, whether you want to be attached to one or the other. Both will work with T-Mobile, mind you, but only one will be working with the network's upcoming 4G LTE connectivity roll-out. The FCC listing discovered by Engadget this week shows the XPERIA Z to be working with T-Mobile-specific 4G LTE radios.