Xbox One’s Killer Instinct shuffle gets regular: Thunder cracks

Chris Burns - Jan 24, 2014, 4:54pm CST
Xbox One’s Killer Instinct shuffle gets regular: Thunder cracks

Back when the Xbox One was first launched, Microsoft Studios and Double Helix suggested that there’d be a fairly regular switch-out of the characters that’d be able to be played in the most basic iteration of the game Killer Instinct. This game is the first free-to-play fighting game to be offered with any of the next-generation consoles, Xbox One, Wii U, and PlayStation 4 included, pushing it to be the subject of extra scrutiny on the part of the gaming community in a large way.

While it did seem like the character “Jago” was caught in free-play limbo for an extended period – since the launch of the Xbox One, in fact – now it would seem that a three-week-flip is in full effect. Right after Jago there was Sabrewulf, the werewolf of this pack of misfits. Three weeks later we’re seeing none other than the Native American-themed Thunder take effect.

Above you’re seeing some Jago action roll out. This is but one of a large cross-section of odd characters that are available right this minute for purchase from within the game, of course, with the switching effecting only those users that’ve chosen to stick with the purely free portion of the game. Should you purchase the character that is currently free, you won’t suddenly find a different character available for free play, mind you.

This particular Killer Instinct is an expanding game – building on the uniqueness of the free model they’re working with now, the game will have additional characters added to their ranks over time.

While we’ve got a hefty set of well-known characters in the lineup right this minute, we’ll be glad to see the rest of the lesser-known names down the line as well. For now we’ll rest knowing this game continues to be well-played if only for its well-applied quick-release at the launch of this console and continued freeness.

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