Xbox One controller standby mode suggests smartphone processor tech inside

The new Xbox One controller isn't revolutionary by any means, but it's certainly a step up from the Xbox 360 version. It's got impulse triggers that send vibrations to your fingers through the trigger buttons, as well as a flush battery pack on the back to make the controller more streamline. However, one of the minor features that deserves some major attention is a new standby mode that prevents gamers from having to turn back on the controller every time they're AFK.Microsoft calls this Low Power State, and they say that when users step away from the TV or don't use the Xbox One controller after a while, it will go into a standby mode that will conserve the battery but still stay on and synced to the console. This is contrary to the Xbox 360 controller, which simply shuts off after a certain amount of time and must be turned back on and re-synced.

While we don't know what internals the Xbox One controller has, it appears to have at least some kind of smartphone technology on the inside. The Samsung Exynos 5 Octa chip, NVIDIA's Tegra 3 4-PLUS-1, and Qualcomm's newer Snapdragon 800 and 600 processors all have similar low-power modes that conserve battery but still keep their respective devices awake in some fashion.

For example, the new Qualcomm chips come with asynchronous SMP, where each core is only used when you need it, conserving power and only bumping up intensity during high-processing tasks. Of course, we can't be certain that the Xbox One has a similar chip inside, but it's definitely no lie that it has more tech on the inside than the Xbox 360 controller.

We talked earlier today about the Xbox One controller and the many changes that Microsoft made to make the Xbox One version. Granted, it's reminiscent of the Xbox 360 controller, but the Xbox One gamepad includes plenty of minor updates that make a huge difference, and hopefully gamers will be able to tell those differences once the console gets into their hands.

VIA: Engadget

SOURCE: Xbox Wire