Xbox One backwards compatibility possible in future update

So you'd like to play your Xbox 360 games on your Xbox One, would you? You'd like to be able to ditch the older Box – or multiple Xbox units – and use just one machine, would you? As it turns out, the team behind major software builds for the Xbox One at Microsoft are considering backwards compatibility as a real possibility for a future update.

While we highly doubt this will be an announcement at E3 2014, the possibility of the Xbox One's future ability to use older games is indeed a reality. This was spoken about at BUILD 2014 as well – Microsoft was "thinking it through" back then, and here in June, Xbox head Phil Spencer has given a quick tap to the possibility again.

One big reason why this won't happen any time soon: Halo. There's a new Halo collection coming to Xbox One eventually, if not soon – it wouldn't make a whole lot of sense to allow the collection to be available through second-hand stores before the collection is available all at once from Microsoft itself.

One big reason why this might happen: gaming in the cloud. NVIDIA, OnLive, and Steam have all laid down their first hands for cloud-based gaming, and they're all epic. Microsoft will eventually have to bring some heat to this category.

VIA: NeoGaf