Tropico 5 hits OnLive for any-device streaming

Supposing you're a fan of SIM City – and have never heard of Tropico – today you're in for a rather strange treat. The folks at OnLive have brought on Tropico 5 to their streaming service, making the game not only available anywhere you've got the internet, but on any device that can run OnLive as well. That includes Mac OS X devices, iOS, and Android too!

If there's a game that summons the powers of Time Trumpet, this is it. You'll be brought back to colonial times with the ability to change history. Starting on sea-bound landscape, you'll be able to grow a colony with the strangest of futures.

Owning your own island means you'll be able to control what goes in, what's shipped out, and what's acceptable in the way of daily attire. This game also takes full command of its graphics-intensive abilities on OnLive's NVIDIA GRID-based servers – while you won't see absolutely perfect delivery of graphics unless you're on the highest-quality of internet connections, you're resting dependent on OnLive's chosen collection of remote computers – which are extremely high-end.

Tropico 5 was originally released to Windows, OS X, PlayStation 4 (soon), Xbox 360, and Linux – eventually for SteamOS. This game will be playable on mobile platforms and desktop in a mobile fashion – anywhere you've got the web. Have a peek at our original OnLive review to see this software in action!