Xbox 720 console possibilities and how they'll affect the Xbox 360

This week Microsoft's next-generation Xbox is set to be revealed – at least in part – and the Xbox 360 will at last have a replacement. But for those thousands and millions of Xbox 360 owners, what comes next? Is this console doomed to go the way of the dodo, or will a software update pushed after the Xbox 720 – or whatever it'll be called – is released allow this soon-to-be-legacy console to continue to be relevant?

It's likely that Microsoft will take a cue from Apple, in this case, continuing to support the previous-generation device for at least several more years. It would be a slap in the face, essentially, to see the Xbox 360 bite the dust in an instant, especially when games continue to be developed and released for it up unto the week we're in right this minute!

As the next-generation Xbox makes its debut, so too comes an entirely new layout for gamers looking to get in on the device straight from the start. This change-over has been tipped to be similar to that of Microsoft's push for Windows 8, bringing on Live Tiles and color themes not unlike the desktop-based system. It's understood that Microsoft will be implementing many Windows 8.1 "Windows Blue" features in the initial release of the Xbox 720 as well.

There's also been a big update to the global Xbox universe with a release of the title THE MUSIC ROOM for Xbox users only. This is an interactive TV series that is essentially heralding an era where programming is available to certain devices only – in this case, a gamble for Microsoft on the idea that enough people will love the Xbox 720 for its entertainment programming alone – television shows, that is.

For Xbox 360 owners, several changes should be prepared for. The first of these is the depreciation of the Xbox Points system. It doesn't seem at the moment that these points will be dashed out entirely, but a change-over to a new system will be taking place one way or another if all goes as suggested.

This detail – along with some other pointed rumors of the unavailability of used games and offline gaming – have gone far to push Activision CEO Bobby Kotick's warning that the Xbox 720 – along with the PlayStation 4 – could face the same gamer hate as the Wii U from Nintendo. It was also revealed this past week that EA has cut and run from the Nintendo Wii U, having no games planned for this device in their current roadmap.

The Xbox 720 has been tipped to be working with a TV tuner, DVR streaming, and augmented reality abilities. It's been said that this next-generation console will act as a mid-way point between your television and your TV box, allowing you to get notifications when you're watching your everyday TV programs. Just about the only thing that's not been rumored for this Xbox is specifics in its processor, graphics abilities, and final game package.

The final unit will be revealed today (May 21st, 2013) in an event at 1PM EST – that's 11AM PST and NOON if you're living in the Central time zone in the USA. You'll be able to find the full collection of Xbox news bits up-to-the-minute through SlashGear's big Xbox tag portal throughout the day – and into the future as well!